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Last Name  First Name Title  Email Website
Alford Gail Food Service Assistant galfor@neisd.net Web Page
Argueta Katharine Teacher K kargue@neisd.net Web Page
Bachhofer Lisa Teacher 2nd ESL lbachh@neisd.net Web Page
Bagley Pamela Counselor pbagle@neisd.net Web Page
Breig Melissa Teacher 5th ESL mbreig@neisd.net Web Page
Brook Pamela Counselor pbrook@neisd.net Web Page
Byers Rebecca Teacher Music rbyers@neisd.net Web Page
Casseb Diana Librarian dcasse@neisd.net Web Page
Chapman Colleen Teacher 3rd c-chapm1@neisd.net Web Page
Clemons Beverly Custodian bclemo@neisd.net Web Page
Conn Jennifer Teacher 3rd ESL jconn@neisd.net Web Page
Cox Jillian Teacher K jcox8@neisd.net Web Page
Cuevas Richard Teacher SPED Co-Teacher rcueva@neisd.net Web Page
Cummings Claudia Teacher PE ccummi2@neisd.net Web Page
Dardeau Michelle Special Ed Assistant mdarde2@neisd.net Web Page
Davidson Jenness Teacher GT jdavid@neisd.net Web Page
Delgado Marylou Clinic Assistant mdelga1@neisd.net Web Page
Diaz Silvia Custodian sdiaz9@neisd.net Web Page
Doty Ashley Teacher 4th ESL adoty@neisd.net Web Page
Dretke Michelle Teacher 5th mdretk@neisd.net Web Page
Ensign Lindsay Teacher 4th lensig@neisd.net Web Page
Foran Anna Instructional Assistant - ES aforan@neisd.net Web Page
Frittelli Heather Teacher 4th hfritt@neisd.net Web Page
Funk Dorothy Teacher 2nd dfunk@neisd.net Web Page
Garcia Tami Teacher 5th tgarci15@neisd.net Web Page
Garza Julie Teacher K jgarza78@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzalez Danielle Teacher SPED Co-Teacher dgonza@neisd.net Web Page
Goodwin Paul Teacher SPED Co-Teacher pgoodw@neisd.net Web Page
Gorhum Jeffrey Teacher 4th jgorhu@neisd.net Web Page
Guerrero Diana Office Assistant - ES dguerr2@neisd.net Web Page
Hall Melanie Teacher 2nd mhall13@neisd.net Web Page
Hansen Donna Teacher 3rd dhanse@neisd.net Web Page
Henderson Jacqueline Assistant Head Custodian - ES jhende@neisd.net Web Page
Henney Marlowe Violet Teacher 2nd vhenne@neisd.net Web Page
Hernandez Lauren Teacher 5th lherna7@neisd.net Web Page
Hinh Amy Food Service Assistant ahinh@neisd.net Web Page
Hurley Greta Teacher 2nd ghurle@neisd.net Web Page
Jackson Laura Teacher 3rd ljacks1@neisd.net Web Page
Johnsen Edith Teacher K ejohns6@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Nora Special Ed Assistant njohns14@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Kyle Teacher PE kjohns3@neisd.net Web Page
Keller Raymond Instructional Interventionist (IIT) rkelle@neisd.net Web Page
Kissling Suzanne Teacher 3rd skissl@neisd.net Web Page
Kymes Stacey Speech Language Pathologist skymes@neisd.net Web Page
Lewis Scharlena Food Service Assistant slewis1@neisd.net Web Page
Loftin John Special Ed Assistant jlofti1@neisd.net Web Page
Lopes Kathryn Teacher Music klopes@neisd.net Web Page
Madera Ogdalia Cafeteria Manager - ES (Training Campus) omader@neisd.net Web Page
Mai Jenae Principal - ES jmai@neisd.net Web Page
Martin Judy Teacher 1st jmarti2@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Gloria Food Service Assistant gmarti7@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Thomas Teacher K ESL tmarti31@neisd.net Web Page
McBride Kimberly Teacher 5th ESL kmcbri@neisd.net Web Page
Mercier Carolyn Special Ed Assistant cmerci@neisd.net Web Page
Metts-Smith Alana Special Ed Assistant @neisd.net Web Page
Moore Lori Teacher 1st ESL lmoore1@neisd.net Web Page
Myers Amy Teacher SPED ALE amyers5@neisd.net Web Page
Nerio Lynnda Custodian lnerio@neisd.net Web Page
Oehler Deborah Food Service Assistant doehle@neisd.net Web Page
Olfers Tara Teacher 1st ESL tolfer@neisd.net Web Page
Otero Margaret Teacher 2nd motero@neisd.net Web Page
Paninski Jean Head Custodian - ES jpanin@neisd.net Web Page
Place Brandy Teacher 3rd bplace@neisd.net Web Page
Prechtl Denise Special Ed Assistant dprech@neisd.net Web Page
Reimer Judith Temporary Exempt jreime@neisd.net Web Page
Reis Abby LSSP (197 Days) areis@neisd.net Web Page
Richter Jil Teacher 1st jricht@neisd.net Web Page
Rodriguez Priscilla Food Service Assistant prodri2@neisd.net Web Page
Rowan Breanna Teacher 3rd b-rowan@neisd.net Web Page
Rubalcaba Lydia Teacher K lrubal@neisd.net Web Page
Salazar Holly Assistant Principal - ES hsalaz3@neisd.net Web Page
Schulze Jennifer Data Processor - ES jschul@neisd.net Web Page
Selvester Tabitha Registered Nurse tselve@neisd.net Web Page
Shaw Michelle Admin Asst to Principal - ES mshaw1@neisd.net Web Page
Shaw Jacqueline Instructional Assistant - ES jshaw4@neisd.net Web Page
Smith Carmen Library Assistant I csmith2@neisd.net Web Page
Sparks Lisa Teacher SPED Co-Teacher lspark@neisd.net Web Page
Taylor Viki Teacher SPED Co-Teacher vtaylo@neisd.net Web Page
Toepperwein Kelly Teacher 4th ktoepp1@neisd.net Web Page
Torres Mary Teacher 1st mtorre39@neisd.net Web Page
Unrein Alia Teacher 5th aunrei@neisd.net Web Page
Villagomez Brooke Teacher 3rd bvilla3@neisd.net Web Page
Waller Charlene Special Education Resource Teacher cwalle1@neisd.net Web Page
Welch Amy Teacher 1st awelch@neisd.net Web Page