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Choice card update:

Cards will be accepted beginning Monday, February 4. The time of day that you turn the card in will not be a consideration. We will only be working with the day that we receive the card. Do not worry about being here early as it will not make a difference for course consideration. We will receive the card from your child or you are more than welcome to drop the choice card by the school. We will receive the cards at either entrance. If you come to the back of the school, we will only receive the cards at that entrance until the first bell and then we lock the door. We will collect the cards in the front office any time during the day and we will mark them to indicate the day they were turned in.

Please understand that we will make every effort to secure the instructional staff needed to accommodate the wishes of our Tejeda students. If we have to choose, we will use the day that the choice slips are received to make our decisions. We may have to draw names using the date of turn in as a reference, but we will be fair and keep you informed. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Brenda Shelton