Tejeda Middle School-Welcome to the Den

Bully Awareness

Tejeda diligently takes a stand against bullying. At Tejeda we take bullying very seriously and act on information given to us by our students, parents, and community. Our goal is to build positive leaders on our campus to create an environment where learning can take place. The following programs at Tejeda address the concern of bullying as well as promote kindness, teamwork, and a shared vision outlined in our Wolf Credo.

Tejeda PawReport Bullying Here
Tejeda PawLeader in Me Philosophy
Tejeda PawBully Box for Anonymous Reporting Outside of the Library
Tejeda PawHazing Education
Tejeda PawT-Wolves Against Bullies
Tejeda PawPALS Mentorship
Tejeda PawThe Ambassador Program for New Students
Tejeda PawMix It Up Lunches
Tejeda PawCampaigns to Promote Kindness and Teach Strategies when Encountering Bullying
Tejeda PawBully Awareness Week
Tejeda PawAnti-bully Guidance Lessons
Tejeda PawCounselor Led Mediation