Tejeda Middle School-Welcome to the Den

Tejeda Viking Club

To explore various aspects of Norse life. To learn what the term 'viking' actually means and to learn and dicuss modern beliefs about Vikings versus what the Vikings were really like.

The Norse cultures travelled widely and their influence can be seen from Ireland, England, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, North America, Northern France, Russia, Turkey and of course their Scandinavian homelands. (The Norse culture is not studied in the normal course of the social studies curiculum.)

This club hopes to be mainly hands on with the goal of each student learning about aspects of Norse life by creating a full Viking outfit. They will learn basic sewing, inkle loom weaving, naalbinding, viking wire weaving, how to play and make Viking games, etc. There will be some small expenses for materials, but they will obviously keep everything they make.

There will be the opportunity to visit a Longship in the process of construction as well as see Skelmir, a small Viking Longship that has been featured both on TV and at Houston Museum.

I hope to have occassional guest speakers as well as have visits to see people who can contribute specialized skills. Parental involvement may be necessary for transportation for such visite. If we are ready by History Faire it is hoped to have a Viking encampment on History Hill. Initially the club will be open to interested 7th and 8th graders, with perhaps 6th grade involvement later in the year.

Club Officers
President-Alex N.