• Principles of Engineering /Concepts of Engineering
and Technology

• Engineering Design and Presentation / Principles of
Technology / Robotics and Automation

• Internship / Engineering Design and Problem Solving
and/or Engineering Mathematics

• Advanced Engineering Design and Presentation /
Scientific Research and Design


• Project Lead the Way - Contracted Program

• Principles of Biomedical Sciences

• Human Body Systems

• Medical Interventions
• Biomedical Innovation (Internship)
     • CATE/District
     • Principles of Health Science
     • Medical Terminology/Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness/Biotechnology/Counseling &
       Mental Health
     • Health Science - Clinical Rotation/Anatomy & Physiology
     • Practicum in Health Science/Medical Microbiology/Patho-physiology/Forensic Science/Pharamacology


• Coursework in High School

• Computer Science Pre AP/Computer Science AP

• Audio Video Productions/Advanced Audio/Video Production/Principls of Information Technology/Web Technologies

   • Alamo Area Academies
     • Information Technology & Security Academy
     • Aerospace Academy
     • Dual Credit: Apply Spring 10th grade
     • 2 periods of Schedule
     • 2 years

• Problems and Solutions/Career Prep I & II/Interships


This Major is for those students who want:

• Academic Rigor throughout their years in STEM

• Explore various STEM electives

• Students must be enrolled in at least 1 STEM elective along with Pre-AP/AP courses for all coursework each year.