We understand that acceptance into the S.T.E.M. Academy involves a
commitment from both parents and students. Student commitment
includes service to the school and community, adherence to all
campus and district policies, and active participation in S.T.E.M.
courses. Students will be expected to participate in service projects
and volunteer to improve their community. Parents will be expected
to be an active partner in their child’s education and will be asked to
help with a variety of projects and activities.

Another requirement is the acceptance of the NEISD transportation
contract. Transportation will be provided for NEISD students from
their home campus. NEISD students living outside the Lee
attendance area must make transportation arrangements to their
home school in order to catch the shuttle to Nimitz Middle School or
Lee High School.

We further understand that, as a school of choice, continued or
serious violation of this commitment, or district and campus policies
could result in the student’s departure from the S.T.E.M. Academy.
The S.T.E.M. Academy will be an academically rigorous small school
and students will be expected to contribute and be prepared. All
students will be enrolled in Pre AP/AP courses throughout their
years in STEM. Students with academic problems will be expected to
take full advantage of available support mechanisms. Those who
choose not to take advantage will risk possible removal from the

Students that are not on grade level will not be invited back to the