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  • Health Screenings:  Mandatory Screening Programs are conducted by the School Nurse in accordance with State law and the Texas Education Agency recommendations in each program.  Parents/guardians are contacted by the school nurse and a referral letter is sent should a problem be identified.  The child’s physician/dentist should return a report to the school nurse within 30 days.  

  • VISION AND HEARING SCREENING- Students in pre-K, K, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades are screened annually, as well as new students to Texas and referrals for special education.

  • DENTAL SCREENING- A visual dental screening is conducted annually in February for 3rd grade students by volunteer dentist from the community coordinated by the NEISD School Health Advisory Committee.

  • SPINAL SCREENING (SCOLIOSIS)-Students in the 5th grade will be screened to identify small spinal curves for referral for early observation and treatment before the spinal curve becomes severe.  

  • GROWTH AND ASSESSMENT- students are weighed and measured annually at the beginning of the school year. Should any parent/guardian have a question regarding any of these screening programs or wish to have their child excluded due to religious reasons, please contact me at 407-7403.

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