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The Kids' Involvement Network and KIN COSA programs provide after-school enrichment activities and supervision for elementary and middle school students in a way that will improve their attitudes, grades and behavior so they will be positive members of the school and community.


Serna offers many kinds of mentoring programs:

  • One on one -- This program involves a one on one relationship between a child and an adult who serves as a positive role model. The adult and the child meet on a regular weekly basis, usually during lunch or breakfast, to build a trusting relationship. This relationship's goal is to build self-worth and self esteem within the child.
  • Pen Pals -- This program is focused on our 2nd grade students. In this program the adult and child write to each other on a monthly basis. This writing is designed to build self esteem in the child while working to enhance the child's writing and communications skills.
  • Junior Achievement -- This program is a large group mentoring. Junior Achievement usually runs for 5 to 6 consecutive weeks. The adult comes to a class once a week, for one class period, to present various economic and business concept lessons designed for the particular grade level to which the adult is presenting.
  • Reading Program -- This program is designed for the primary grades of Kindergarten and 1st grade. Various adult readers come to the classroom to read to the students.

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