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How Serna Elementary Got Its Name...

The name is from Ignacio Felix Serna, who was a landowner in the area. He donated the land for the original site of the school and though the school has since relocated, the name remains.


Mr. Serna was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and grew up on a sheep farm. While tending sheep, he was captured by the Buffalo Hump tribe of the Southern Comanche in February of 1847 . He escaped from the tribe near Waco, Texas in the summer of 1848 and was adopted by Maj. R. S. Neighbors, an Indian agent. Serna spent most of his remaining years in and around San Antonio.


Serna served in the Confederate Army and after his discharge, married Frances Virginia Hines and the couple had three sons, Robert Angelo, Leon C., and Albert Ignatius.


The school and a post office are named after him. When Serna Elementary was reopened and rededicated as an elementary school in 1992, some 26 members of the Serna family participated in the ceremonies.



Serna Pioneers

(Special thanks to Jacque Crouse of the San Antonio Express News)

(Image is a courtesy of Albert I. Serna III)


Top row from left to right: Albert, Leon and Robert

Bottom row: Ignacio and Frances



Serna Elementary Today


Serna Elementary is committed to educational excellence. Students will be challenged to achieve through a variety of learning experiences. Serna will provide a safe, positive environment which promotes respect, self-esteem and individuality. With the support of staff, parents and the community, Serna students will become productive, responsible, lifelong thinkers and learners.


We are Transforming the Future at Serna!