The Constitution*

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The Theodore Roosevelt Model United Nations [TRMUN] has been devoted to serve the student body of Roosevelt High School with an academic club devoted to enhancing and stimulating the members’ oratory and inquiry skills; furthermore, it serves to help bring peers together in an enjoyable and structured environment. It was with this objective in mind that the following articles were created; to address as a means of maintaining a safe and friendly environment, with the establishment of an executive body.

Article I: Requirements

Model United Nations members are students of Theodore Roosevelt High School and will adhere to the rules established by the Northeast ISD Board of Trustees, the Principal, and the faculty sponsors of TRMUN.

Article II: Purpose

Model United Nations is a student run simulation of the United Nations. Student delegates are UN member nations and represent these nations to address specific issues of current interest. Student delegates attempt to resolve national and international issues through debate and negotiation. They are expected to do this in a conciliatory and respectful manner to the fullest of their nation’s interests. Students will learn parliamentary procedure, enhance negotiation and debating skills, and learn about international relations and diplomacy. TRMUN will promote awareness of other cultures and understanding of international relations. The goal of this organization is to help Roosevelt students embrace the spirit of the UN charter and gain a better understanding of current events affecting us all.

Article III: Membership

Regular membership is open only to Roosevelt students. Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability. While helpful, experience is not a requirement for membership. Selection of members is based on the ability to learn and work with the other members, as well as the desire to contribute to the club. In the unlikely event that a member consistently disrupts the effort and progress of others they will face disciplinary action. The rules from the Student Code of Conduct memo 2009-2010 will be in effect immediately. Participation is a privilege and it is an honor to represent our high school. Students are role models for the high school, district and state.

Article IV: The Secretariat

The Secretariat shall be composed of student leaders who have been selected based on a rigorous application process (as specified in Article VI). These leaders shall be called officers and the recommended officer positions are as follows: Note: All members of the Secretariat are expected to attend Officer Meetings and participate in duties delegated by the Secretary General.

Article V: Officer Selection Process

Officers may be current club members who are incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing. Officers must submit an application, which will include: A selection board consisting of the current club sponsors and officers will review applications. If the event occurs in which a current club officer is a sophomore or junior and is reapplying, he or she should not be present in the room while their application is being reviewed. If the selection board decides that there are more than one qualified candidates for a certain position, a formal interview process will be conducted. Note: the interviews will be conducted by the current club sponsors and Secretary General.

Officer Positions will be awarded based on dedication, responsibility, club involvement, public speaking ability and people skills. Any officer may be removed during their term by either the unanimous vote of the other officers or by the Secretary General with the head sponsor’s approval if the said officer is shown incapable or unwilling to execute their responsibilities.

Article VI: Amendments

Amendments to the club's constitution must be proposed, seconded, and voted on when necessary. A two-thirds majority vote of members present is required to approve nominated changes. Changes to the constitution do not take effect until they have been approved.


1. Funds received for events are maintained in the SAF account monitored by The Roosevelt Bookkeeper and the faculty sponsor.

2. In the event that a member of the Secretariat is removed from office, the following procedures shall be implemented:

3. In the event that the number of club members significantly increases or decreases, the number of signatures for officer applications will be adjusted based on the consent of the Secretariat.


*The Constitution is curently under heave revisions. There will be an updated version up soon.