United States History


AP/Dual Credit United States History

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United States History begins with a review of 8th Grade US History, beginning in the Colonial Era, and continues through to current events.


AP/Dual Credit US History

AP/Dual Credit US History


Advanced Placement/ Dual Credit United States History is an introductory college course. A college-level text, The American Pageant, is the main resource and is supplemented by primary and secondary source readings. The Dual Credit is through San Antonio College. Applications must be completed your sophomore year with the successful completion of the ACCU-Placer entrance test.

The course content begins with the Discovery and Settlement of the New World, proceeds through the Colonial period, the Revolutionary Period, the New Nation, the Civil War, the Gilded Age, the Progressive Age, World Wars I and II, the Cold War (including the Korean and Vietnam conflicts), and concludes with the administrations of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and G.W. Bush.

AP/Dual Credit U.S. History is a weighted course, which prepares students to take the Advanced Placement U.S. History Test in May. The AP test includes a multiple-choice section, a document-based essay question, and two free response essay questions. Dual Credit students receive 6 hours of college credit for maintaining a B average.


If you love history, this is the course for you. Testing out of a survey level will enable you to take upper level college history classes in your freshman year.

If you hate history, this is the course for you. Testing out of a survey level will enable you to fulfill a course requirement and never have to take another history class again.