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Science Club

The Science Club gives Roosevelt students the opportunity to explore various career choices in science by participating in field trips, meetings with members of the local science community and developing an appreciation for the environment. Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month in room AS 133 at 8:15 am, with a make-up meeting at 4:05 pm.

Marine Science Club

The Marine Science Club is open to all students from Roosevelt High School. Objectives of the club include: exploring the history and use of water in San Antonio, investigating careers in the aquatic science, and creating student interest in the oceans and local water bodies. Selected members participate in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl ( NOSB) regional competition and/ or Student Water Action Teams ( SWAT). The NOSB was inaugurated in 1998 and the goal is to provide an educational forum for students to excel in math and science. Students receive national recognition for their diligence and talents. NOSB has proven that it can generate student interest and excitement about science giving young people a chance to examine marine science, both as an in-depth area of study and as a possible career. The NOSB fosters collegiality and teamwork, competition, imaginative thinking and factual recollection. It also allows students to work side by side with experts in a wide variety of settings.( From NOSB website - www.nosb.org)

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) - Student Water Action Team (SWAT) is an environmental youth education program developed for San Antonio area high school students and teachers with a concern for our region's water. SWAT is a mechanism that provides opportunity for students and teachers to learn, explore, and develop a personal environmental ethic. The purpose of this program is to give students and teachers background information about local, regional and historical water issues through multiple field observations and hands-on investigation in an effort to motivate members on subjects such as water, the environment and their community. (From SAWS website- www.saws.org/education/ )



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