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North East ISD Risk Management and Employee Benefits

North East Independent School District is committed to providing a safe and healthy school/work environment for all students, employees, and visitors.


NE Police - 407-0911
Risk Management - 407-0187
Risk Management HOTLINE - 407-0021

NEISD School Safety Hotline - 655-Care (2273) to keep NEISD schools safe.
An anonymous way to report suspected, illegal, dangerous or harmful activities. 
This access will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Student Accident Insurance Memo
Student Accident Insurance

Loss Control/Risk Management Forms and Regulations

Field Trips and Travel
When to use
NEISD Field Trip Permission Form Used to obtain parent/guardian authorization to allow child to participate in field trips.
NEISD Field Trip Permission Form (en espanol) Spanish version of NEISD Field Trip Permission Form.
Driver's License Update Steps Form used to add employee drivers to campus/department driving list.
Driver Point System Criteria used to determine eligibility to operate vehicles on school district business.
Parent Travel Consent Form Form to be used to obtain parent/guardian authorization to allow student to travel with athletic teams, extracurricular groups, etc.
Parent Travel Consent Form (en espanol) Spanish version of the Parent Travel Consent Form.

Property Controls-Inventory/Loss Reporting
When to use
Missing Item report Form Form used to report information regarding missing item(s) from school facilities.
CRMS Loss Reporting Instructions Instructions for reporting items stolen, lost, damaged or missing.
Mobile Equipment Inventory Form Form used to add or delete mobile equipment (riding mowers, golf/utility carts) to/from insurance inventory.
Custody Receipt Form Form used to check out equipment from campus or department.
Building, Grounds, & Equipment Management-CLD(R) Regulations pertaining to school equipment.
Equipment & Supplies Management CMB(R) Regulations pertaining to school equipment.
Voluntary Electronic Device Insurance: Staff Laptop, Staff iPad, Student Laptop, Student iPad, & Student E-Reader Forms used to apply for voluntary insurance coverage for laptop computers, iPads, E-Readers, and electronic devices.

Accident and Incident Reporting
When to use
Student Accident Report Form Form used to report student injuries/incidents requiring medical care.
Visitor Accident Report Form Form used to report visitor injuries/incidents.
Safety Program/Risk Management:
Accident Prevention and Reports CKB(R)
Regulations pertaining to safety records, vehicles accidents and reporting procedures.

Critical Incident Planning
When to use
Inclement Weather Impact Survey Form used to survey staff regarding the impact weather may have on their ability to travel to/from worksite.
Emergency Employee Contact List Form used to set-up campus emergency contact list

UPDATED: August 20, 2015