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The NEISD Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is administered Deer Oaks EAP Services.   Deer Oaks EAP provides counseling services to you and your immediate family on the phone or in person. The number of free confidential counseling visits are eight visits per employee/dependent per problem per year.

Who is Deer Oaks?
Deer Oaks is the provider for your EAP services.  Deer Oaks offers a multidisciplinary team of trained psychologists, social workers, psychological associates, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and licensed professional counselors who are ready to assist you with your behavioral health difficulties.

What Exactly is the EAP?
The Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a confidential program for employees, providing professional counseling for personal problems.  These problems may be:

    • Family or Marital Relationships
    • Parenting Problems
    • Alcohol or Drug Abuse
    • Stress
    • Depression
    • Caring for Elderly Parents
    • Financial or Legal Difficulties
    • Grief, Death or Significant Loss

How does the EAP work?
If you or an eligible dependent are experiencing any of the above problems, a Deer Oaks counselor can be reached at any time by calling 615-8880 in San Antonio. He/she will provide no-cost, confidential counseling to discuss your concern. You your spouse, or your dependent children under 26 years of age living at home may receive up to eight (8) in-person counseling visits per person, per problem, per year with Deer Oaks staff at no cost to you. Any type of human concern can be brought to Deer Oaks with confidentiality as required by law.

What are the EAP costs?
Your EAP counseling sessions have been prepaid by NEISD.  Should counseling beyond the EAP be needed, a referral will be recommended by Deer Oaks based on the issues and ability to pay.  Some of these charges may be covered under the group health plan.


Contact Deer Oaks:

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To utilize the
North East ISD Employee Assistance Program, call
 Deer Oaks at:

615-8880 (Local)


Updated: 10/28/15