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Employee Premiums for 2015 are below.

Deduction Rates as follows: Annual Premiums will be divided evenly and will apply to all benefits.

  1. Monthy - divided into 12 payments
  2. Bi-Weekly, 10 months - divided into 20 payments (Transportation, School Nutrition, KIN)
  3. Bi-Weekly, Year Round - divided into 26 payments (Paraprofessionals, Custodial, Police)
2015 Deduction Schedule
12 Paychecks
20 Paycheks
26 Paychecks
Employee Only
Employee and Spouse
Employee and Children
Employee and Family

Self-Funded Plan

The NEISD Dental Plan is a self-funded program.  This means that employee contributions are placed in a District fund and all dental claims and administrative fees for the Plan are paid from this fund.  The District contracts with a third party administrator, Humana, to administer our claims.  Being self-funded provides the following advantages for employees:

  • Claims are paid locally by Humana
  • The District has greater control over future cost increases, plan design and quality of service.
  • The District can provide benefits at a lower cost than a fully insured program because the portion of the premium charged by insurance companies for high operating costs and profit is eliminated.


Coverage in this plan is set on a graduated scale.  In other words, the longer you participate in the plan the better the plan will pay.  This is to encourage continuous membership as well as regular dental care for you and your family.  It also protects your plan against adverse selection, which results in increased premiums.  The following is a summary of coverage available to you as a member of the North East ISD Dental Plan.  Please note that claims are paid for necessary care and treatment of a covered person based on "usual and customary charges."  For more details, a brochure may be requested from your campus/department main office.

    Year One    Year Two Year Three

TYPE A  Preventive*
No Waiting Period/No Deductible




TYPE B Restorative Care*
No Waiting Period/$50 Deductible Applies




TYPE C Major Restorative*
12 Month Waiting Period/$50 Deductible Applies




MAXIMUM BENEFIT (Per Calendar Year)




TYPE D Orthodontia
12 Month Waiting Period




MAXIMUM BENEFIT (Per Calendar Year)







* Refer to your dental brochure for a detailed description of the types of procedures and the categories.

How To Make Family Status Changes outside of Open Enrollment

Employees who request to cancel coverage should complete the Dental Plan form and sign the section for Declination of Benefit.  You must meet the guidelines for canceling coverage under the the Cafeteria Plan Section 125.

Are you paying for coverage for an ineligible dependent? 

If you have dental benefits for a spouse or dependent child that is no longer eligible, please complete a new enrollment form with information on yourself and any other eligible dependents. 

Remember:  Employee Benefits cannot make changes to your payroll deduction without your written authorization.

Enriched Vision Benefit

As a Humana member, you receive the EyeMed Vision Discount program at no cost to you. EyeMed offers access to 35,000 national providers at 20, 000 locations including optometrists, opthalmologists, opticians, and optical retailers.

Need to Contact EYEMED Vision Care?

To find an EyeMed provider call 1-866-995-9316, EyeMed's toll-free locator service.

To find a LASIK or PRK vision-correction provider, call 1-877-5LASER6 (1-877-552-7376).