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Department of Accountability, Planning, Research & Evaluation

8961 Tesoro Drive, Suite 602
San Antonio, Texas 78217
210/407-0562, 210/804-7098 Fax


Jeff Kurth
Senior Director of Accountability, Planning, Research & Evaluation
Dorian Jones
Research Analyst
Erin Stuckey
Research Analyst
Cecilia Felts
Administrative Assistant
Sharon Young Compass Consultant




The mission of this department is to promote student learning in North East Independent School District by providing timely and pertinent information about accountability that supports improvement initiatives for the district's schools and departments.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Allocates Campus Staffing
  • All campus personnel/programs
  • Portable Allocations
  • Conducts Ad Hoc Research Studies
  • Conducts Program Evaluations
  • Career and Technical Education Programs
  • Campus TAKS and Benchmark Data Analysis
  • Districtwide Assessment on an ongoing basis
  • Coordinates Improvement Initiatives
  • Implements Technology Learning Collaborative Initiative (TLC)
  • Planning Department 


  • to prepare reports and studies to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the district´s schools, departments, programs, plans, and other indicators of productivity
  • to facilitate district improvement planning process by assessing the current level of performance for schools and departments, determining desired levels of performance, and developing plans to accelerate improvement
  • to obtain, analyze, and disseminate information in a timely manner in order to stimulate conversation among district personnel
  • to apply research and district studies to support performance        
  • to increase district responsiveness to campus and department needs
  • to provide assistance in policy development and implementation to support
    all aspects of district organization and improvement to monitor campus and
    district progress in the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)