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External research guidelineS AND REQUIREMENTS


An external research REQUEST that meets the following criteria MAY be considered for approval.


      1. The Request for Research submission process is complete.

      2. The following information is required from all research proposals:
              • Project Title
              • Researcher/Primary Investigator
              • Research question (s)
              • Background/Study Rationale/Literature Review
              • Methodology
              • Benefit of study to participants and to School District
              • Burden on study participants and on School District
              • Timetable to conduct study or data collection activities
              • Compliance with federal regulations (FERPA-Family Education Rights Privacy Act, HIPAA-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, PPRA-Pupil Rights Amendment)
              • Plan of action to disseminate findings to district
              • Reference Page

        Additionally, the researcher must submit the following documents: copies of consent and assent forms, research protocols, copies of instruments, at least one letter of support.

        The project's design, use of instruments, and methodology should be clearly outlined and provided and a FINAL copy of all instruments that will be used and their source must be submitted.

      3. The data collected meets the assumptions of the data analysis. The data analyses test the hypotheses and will lead to interpretable results.

      4. The study must not violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and Pupil Rights Amendment.

      5. The study makes provisions for protecting the confidentiality of personal data concerning students, employees, and the school district.

      6. The study is not offensive to the values and standards of NEISD and the community, and does not inquire (in an obtrusive manner) into religion, gender, home, or family life. Any research involving controversial, inappropriate, or contentious topics WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. This can include, but not limited to:
        1. Violence in schools
        2. Bullying
        3. Childhood obesity
        4. Case studies on product sponsorships
        5. Sex education or other sex-related research topics
        6. Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol
        7. Any topics regarding effectiveness of principal leadership in schools

      7. Any study involving students REQUIRES notification to the parent and written consent of the parent or guardian prior to the implementation of the project.

      8. Any study involving access to employee records must be voluntary and requires written consent of the employee.

      9. Active consent forms are REQUIRED for any survey that falls under The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA).

      10. The study makes minimal interruptions to the regular school program and makes no undue demands upon the time of students, teachers, administrators, or other district personnel.

      11. The study involves no expense to NEISD.

      12. The study does not involve research during the first and/or last month of school as determined by the adopted NEISD calendar.

      13. The study or participation in the study is not scheduled during district-wide testing periods for state assessment or district assessments. 

      14. Even if approval to conduct research is granted by the District, participation by individual campuses is left to the discretion of the campus principal.  Approval letters from the district are simply an approval to approach a campus.

      15. The district reserves the right to request final results, findings, or reports of the approved research study.

      16. The district reserves the right to terminate an approved research request at any time.