Redland Oaks is proud to be a

Leader In Me 



  Upcoming Events for January and February:

                                              Campus Spelling Bee:  January 29th, 9:00 am
                                              PTA Early Dismissal and Holiday:  Feb.12th and 15th
                                              Spring Book Fair:  February 22-26
                                              Early Dismissal Days:  February 23rd and 24th.

      Please take a look at the following link to North East District's Bullying Website.  

5th Grade Parents:  If you missed the Transitional Meeting with Mrs. Long-Ibarra you can use the link below to learn more about the transition to Jr. High.

Driscoll Registration PPT.pptx                                  

Redland Oaks "Wildly Important Goals"  (WIGS)

2015-2016 Student Attendance Goals:  97% 

              100% of faculty and students have one academic and one personal goal

              Each classroom has an academic goal and a personal goal classroom                   community.

Thank you for supporting our children and having them in school as much as possible.