Color Guards



The Rattler Battalion has four color guards that perform at and compete at many different events throughout the school year. Last year, the Varsity Female Color Guard competed at Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida and placed 2nd. This year, the Junior Varsity teams and Varsity teams are doing equally well. They all perform at various Veteran's Day events at elementary schools and other events such as bank opening ceremonies, retirement ceremonies, and football games. Out color guards have also gotten the chance this year to perform at Spurs Basketball games.


Rattler Guard Varsity Drill Team


The armed drill team uses demilitarized weapons to perform and compete in various events. They compete in three different events at competitions: Exhibition, Regulation, and Inspection. Their performance in each of these areas determines their overall score.

The Rattler Guard Drill Team is a nationally known team. Last year, at Nationals, they placed 7th overall and placed 2ed at Western Regions. The team has practice every day after school until 6:00pm to prepare themselves for competitions and events. They performed at the Stone Oak Winter Festival last year and at a Spurs halftime show. Take a look at The Drill Jungle to learn more about them, their previous commander Wes Payne, and LTC Loveless.

Diamondback Varsity Drill Team

The unarmed drill team does not use weapons, instead they perform many complex movements with their arms. Do to the complexity of the movements it may take months for members to learn the entire routine well enough to compete at competitions. Like the armed drill team, the unarmed team competes in three different areas of a competition: Exhibition, Regulation, and Inspection.

The Diamondback Drill Team is a hardworking team who placed 6th at Nationals overall last year and 3rd at Western Regions and is doing very well this year to earn a great placement this year at Nationals and Western Regions. They have performed at many events and competitions with the Rattler Guard such as Spurs Halftime shows, Stone Oak Winter Fest, and Reagan Football Halftime shows. Practice is held everyday after school until 6:00.

Rifle Team


The Varsity and Junior Varsity Rifle Teams use a Precision Rifle to compete in three different positions: Standing, Kneeling, and Prone. Each individual competes for individual and team awards in all three positions. This sport requires mental and physical discipline.

The Rifle Teams' commander Patrick Kingchatchaval. The team won 1st place at the Flour Bluff competition and has been doing very well overall. There are various competitions that take place throughout the year and the rifle team also holds a Turkey Shoot during November. This event is for the entire school to come to the rifle range and pay one dollar to shoot at a target and possibly win a turkey for Thanksgiving. Practice is held before school on A days and during 8th period on B days.

Venom Guard Junior Varsity Drill Team


The Venom Guard Drill Team is an armed team who practices year round preparing for competitions and  tryouts for Rattler Guard at the end of the year. They practice after school and work very hard to be the best.
Physical Training Team


The PT Team consists of a female and male team who compete in many competitions. They practice Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:30 am to 7:30 am. Most competitions consists of a mile run or relay, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, curl-ups, etc. Each competitor competes for individual trophies and team trophies.

The PT teams have been doing very well this year placing in various competitions. Last year, the PT teams placed 3rd at the district competition.

Orienteering Team


The Orienteering teams consist of a male and female team in novice and advanced categories based on skill and athletic capabilities. Each team is given a map and compass and they must find control points and be back to home base in 90 minutes. The team that finds the most points in the least amount of time is the winner.

The male orienteering team received 2nd in the fall orienteering meet and the female teams are doing equally well. They practice on Saturdays in the morning.

Saber Line


Saber line is commanded by the C/CSM Chris Riley. The team consists of 12 people who perform at the Homecoming game and dance, Military Ball, and Prom. They practice in the morning before any event to prepare.