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General Career Guidance on the World Wide Web

Self-Assessment and Interests/Values Inventories

There are many self-assessment tools in the form of personality tests, IQ tests and interest and aptitude quizzes available on the Internet.  The results obtained by such online tests should prove valuable to students, but it should be emphasized strongly to them that these tests are not, and should not be regarded as, absolute authorities on their personalities, skills, or interests, and thus on their future employment prospects.  Rather, such tests should be viewed as helpful insights.

Whenever possible, more information about the tests and their importance should be obtained.

St. Mary's University Blume Library a psychology and counseling database offering free online Myers-Briggs, Keirsey Temperament and various IQ and personality tests.  Each test takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  The test will be scored online.  The result will be a personality profile based upon Jungian personality types.
Mapping Your Future
...This site provides information that will help students understand their options for higher education and career opportunities. Guided Tours are available for various categories of students.
The Career Key
...Free online career guidance tests a) measure your personality, b) find the jobs that best fit you, and      c) help you learn about these jobs.
The Career Planning Process
...offers a model that takes one through all the following levels of the career planning process via web sites:  Self-Assessment; Academic and/or Career Options; Relevant and/or Practical Experience; Job Search and/or Graduate School Preparation; Career Change.  It is a good synthesis of information , insight-oriented questioning, guidelines, and solid career advice.
Career and College Information

    Access America for Students is a U.S. Government initiative to support students by providing easy electronic access to       federal agencies and organizations. The site includes resources to help plan for college, find a career, and more.

    College Source Online offers thousands of college catalogs online.

    The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides detailed descriptions of hundreds of occupations, including salary expectations and growth outlook.  This is an excellent resource, with lots of information and web links.

Making It Count:  It's no secret that college tuition prices are on the rise. In fact, for the 2007-2008 academic year, the average tuition for in-state students at public, 4-year colleges and universities increased 6.6% and the average tuition for two-year schools is up 4.2%*. With more students deciding to continue their education after high school, and tuition rates rising, it's more important than ever for your students and their families to develop a plan to pay for college. The online version of the Making College Financial Planning Count in-school presentation is a free resource that provides a comprehensive, interactive overview of the entire college financing process. By visiting, you will have access to:

  • The electronic College FundPathTM Worksheet, which allows users to create a customized college funding strategy.
  • Valuable tips and deadlines for the FAFSA.
  • The most up-to-date information about the types of financial aid that are available, including scholarships and grants.

    Plan For College provides a range of information from how to select high school courses to what to do about SENIORITIS.  A hidden benefit to The College Board website is under the section, "Extracurriculars" entitled Resume-Writing 101.

    The Riley Guide is a directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet.  It is primarily intended to provide instruction for job seekers on how to use the Internet to their best advantage.

    Resume Workbook for High School Students provides an abundant source of good examples and will help job seekers deal successfully with most resume writing problems including:  inability to identify transferable skills, confusion about job objectives, lack of paid work experience, limited business writing skills and many other barriers to producing great resumes.

Private Scholarship Searches:

Other Online Searches:

Types of Loans:

Stafford Loans ...The Federal Family Education Loan Program represents the largest federal source of financial aid for college.  The FFELP is a public-private partnership created by Congress in 1965 to deliver and administer guaranteed education loans for students and their parents. The program has provided more than $644 billion in low-cost loans to tens of millions of students and parents.

Parent PLUS ...A PLUS Loan for parents can help you when you need additional funds to finance your child's education after your child has already met his or her limits for other federal loans for the school year.

Texas B-On-Time ...The loan is available to assist students with educational costs for up to 150 semester credit hours. If you are an eligible student you will be notified by your institution and you must complete your portion of the application to receive this loan. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will begin offering loans in the spring of 2004, retroactively for the Fall of 2003.

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