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The NEISD complies with the Texas Education Code Chapter 25, Admission, Transfer, and Attendance and Chapter 26, Parental Rights and Responsibilities.

Annually, the Office of Research and Information Technologies will establish the number of available seats for each school/grade level for all schools based on the projected enrollment, the core and classroom capacity, District and State mandated staffing ratios, the growth rate for each school, and other critical factors that may arise, such as, construction or above average growth potential. Each school's attendance area residents will be given enrollment priority.

Parents/Guardians must request the transfer on a School Choice application form obtained at any North East ISD school. School Choice forms will be available two (2) weeks prior to the first school business day of January through the last school business day of February of the current school year. Applications may be submitted no earlier than 7:20 a.m. on the first school business day of January through the last school business day of February. The request submitted during this time will be for the following school year.

All applications will be on a first-come, first-serve basis using the date and time the application was received.  Each form submitted to a campus will be notated with the date and time it was received by the District. Parents/Guardians may submit only one School Choice transfer per school year and students can be on only one waiting list at a time. No provisions are made for siblings. A separate application is required for each student.

All applications will be processed by the office of Pupil Personnel Services.  Parents/Guardians will receive an official notification by mail, on or before the last day of May, regarding the status of the School Choice request.

If school choice requests exceed the available seats at a school, applicants will be approved on a contingency basis and placed on a waiting list for the school requested. Once the school year begins, School Choice opportunities are reviewed by the Principal after the first two (2) weeks of school and at the end of the first, second, and third nine weeks.  After each review, you will be contacted by the school of choice campus if a seat becomes available.  Once an offer has been made to move to the school of choice campus, the names of the student will be removed from the waiting list regardless whether the offer is accepted or not. If students have been removed from a waiting list, parent/guardians will need to reapply during the next application period.

Applicants that are approved or approved on a contingency basis, and enrolled in the requested school will not need to reapply. Students will remain in the requested school of choice or on the waiting list until they move to the next school level, (ex. elementary to middle, middle to high school).

Determination of eligibility for any Magnet Schools or Specialized Programs (GT, Dual Language, etc.) are made independently of the School Choice process. Parents/Guardians may not request School Choice solely on the purpose of gaining program eligibility. Questions regarding Magnet School or Specialized Program eligibility should be referred to the appropriate campus/department.

Special education students' School Choice requests are considered using the same procedures as all other students.  Final determination of a School Choice transfer will be dependent upon the availability of the required services at the requested school. Special Education services will not be added or expanded to a campus to meet the needs of a School Choice transfer student.

Parents/Guardians may terminate their student’s School Choice or remove their name from the waiting list at any time.

Students may have the School Choice transfer revoked or blocked by the principal if students do not follow the rules and regulations of the school. The following reasons are justification for rescinding the School Choice transfers:

  • Excessive tardiness/absences
  • Excessive discipline problems
  • Major violations of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Failing grades for the semester
  • Parent/Guardian requests that the transfer be rescinded
  • Lack of parent/guardian cooperation with school policies/procedures

Students enrolled under the School Choice option MUST reside in NEISD and will be required to show proof of residency as well as any other required documents needed for enrollment. Transportation will not be provided and is the responsibility of the parents/guardians for students on School Choice transfers.

Recruiting of students is strictly prohibited.

For University Interscholastic League (UIL) purposes students must meet all UIL criteria. All students who are accepted for School Choice transfer for the first time will be ineligible for varsity level activities for one calendar year. Students who are members of organizations in the school they are leaving will be eligible to participate on a space-available basis at the transfer school.

For more information, FAQs regarding School Choice can be found at or contact Pupil Personnel Services at (210) 407-0070.

(Revised June 2015)