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Mission Statement

"To provide the best possible installation and repair services
to meet District copier requirements through dedicated staff and
management that focus on customer satisfaction."

Copier service requests are now handled through the work order system on the main frame. Just type WORK after you log on. You may contact Dispatcher – Michael Williams- 407-0609 if you have any questions.

Copier Repair
The Copier Service Department provides repair service for the majority of copier equipment throughout the District. There are some lower end models that have been purchased from campus funds that Copier Services does not repair. Campus personnel should take into consideration the cost associated with this type of purchase. There are instances when the cost of toner and repair parts is so high that it does not justify the purchase.

Purchases of all new copier equipment, is handled through Copier Services. Our department keeps service record logs on all equipment that we service. Equipment is thoroughly evaluated before any recommendations for replacement are made. Equipment will be replaced as it becomes too costly to repair, and when the necessary funds become available.

Copier Services works diligently to stay abreast of emerging technology in an effort to provide accurate recommendations for replacement of old equipment or additional equipment purchases.

Please be aware that contract service charges are subject to change from year to year based on supplies and cost of parts.

Who do we call if we want to purchase a small office copier?
Please contact Michael Williams- 407-0609 for information regarding the purchase of any new equipment. Please check with our office before making any purchases. We are working to standardize copier equipment for the District.

Will Copier Services repair any piece of copier equipment that we purchase?
Copier Services does not repair all models of copier equipment. Therefore, please check with our department before making any purchases. Some of the small models on the market are costly to maintain. The cost per copy can be as high as 15 cents due to the high cost of toner and repair parts.

What determines the copier size, and how many copiers a campus or department may have?
Copiers are placed in the school or department based on the user environment (High School, Middle School, Elementary School, or Administrative). In order to maintain an equitable balance, Copier Services places equipment at campus locations based on student enrollment or special requirements.

How do I request service when our copier is in need of repair?
All requests for copier service are now done through the work order system on the mainframe.

What is Copier Services response time for service calls?
Copier Services responds to service calls on a first come, first served basis (an emergency is the only exception). In most cases we provide same day service.

Where do I get supplies for my copiers?
All copier supplies are maintained in the District General Warehouse. Supplies may be ordered from the General Warehouse website.

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