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Print Services bills internally for all services that come through our print shop. Your point of contact for any billing questions, concerns or estimates may be directed to Rebecca Romick, buyer/estimator at 407-0619 or

Account Code
The following account code will be charged for all printing services and for any supplies (binders, paper, cds, transparencies, etc.) that can be purchased from the Print Shop. Please be aware that only object code 6285 is used for Print Services. Be sure the account code you want billed exists and is fully indicated on the proper order form. All work requests must be accompanied by a completed order form. The form must also include the following information in addition to the information for the requested work:
a. Account code
b. Budget Manager's Signature
c. Description of work
d. Any samples required to complete the job
e. Any special instructions required to complete the job

Print services may supply an estimate before we begin a job if you note it on your specific order form. If you are wanting an estimate, please allow time for it as well as the actual completion of the required service.

Costs per Quantity
The cost is considerably less when larger quantities are printed at one time, especially if you will be placing future orders for the same job, you may incur a price break.

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