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North East ISD - Police Department Divisions

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is currently comprised of 13 officers, divided among the day, evening and night shifts. The primary responsibility of these officers is the protection of life and property on all North East I.S.D. campuses and facilities within the boundaries of the District as well as to enforce school zone speed limits. The officers assigned to this division randomly check all District campuses and facilities on a 24 hour basis and respond to alarms and other calls for assistance throughout the District. Patrol officers are the primary support to the Campus officers during school hours and assist other law enforcement agencies as necessary in the investigation of crimes within the District boundaries.

pATROL & Campus Divison

The Patrol & Campus Divisions are charged with supporting and providing law enforcement services to NEISD administration, staff, students and the NEISD community.

PATROL Officers

The North East I.S.D. Patrol Officer's primary function is to provide law enforcement services and support to the administrations of the high school, middle school, and elementary school campuses. In addition, the Patrol Officer is the primary support to all "Campus Officers."

Campus Officers

There is one North East I.S.D. Officer individually assigned to the fourteen District's middle school campuses, two North East I.S.D. Officers assigned to the eight District's high school campuses. These officers are assigned as "Campus Officers."

The Campus Officer's primary function is to provide immediate law enforcement services and support to the administrations of the middle school and high school campuses.

Both the Patrol and Campus Officers work closely with the campuses administration, assisting with serious discipline issues and taking law enforcement action when necessary. Patrol and Campus Officers are positive mentors and role models to students.


As the centralized command center of the department, these men and women maintain control of daily department operations. These professionally trained telecommunicators answer calls for police service, take complaints from the community and direct them to the appropriate personnel for action.

The telecommunicators monitor N.E.I.S.D's alarm system and dispatch officers to respond to alarms as needed. They are also responsible for regulating radio traffic on the police radio system.

The telecommunicators utilize a Computer Aided Dispatch system where they enter calls for service and track the locations of officers and activities as they are occurring.

All operators are trained as telecommunication personnel and certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education.

Records Division

The Records Division is comprised of one officer who is assigned as the "Custodian of Records". 

The primary responsibility of Custodian of Records is maintaining files on all cases generated by the North East I.S.D. Police Department. This responsibility includes checking the cases for completion and insuring that all follow-up information is attached.

The Custodian of Records receives requests for case reports from the public as well as civilian and law enforcement agencies and insures that the public and these agencies receive the documentation requested.

The general public may request a public copy of a any case. You may contact the Custodian of Records at (210) 407-0911 and make arrangements to obtain a copy of the record. To obtain a record you will need the following information:

1. A Case number, or
2. Date, time, location and party(s) involved.

 * Please allow three days for processing before making a  request. Thank You!

Evidence Division

The Evidence Division is comprised of one officer who is assigned as the "Evidence Clerk," who oversees all aspects of the department's evidence. The responsibility of the Evidence Clerk is to track, maintain and properly dispose of the department's evidence. The Evidence Clerk also reviews cases generated and insures the evidence is properly accounted for and entered into the system.


Training Division

Training of the North East I.S.D. Police Officers meet and exceed the standards of qualification for law enforcement officers as defined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.

We have certified instructors within the department who develop courses of instruction for the North East I.S.D. Police Department. These courses are usually taught in the summer months, and at times include other law enforcement agencies, when classroom space is available. These classes are conducted at our North East I.S.D. Police Department Training Room.

We also work in conjunction with regional training centers such as the AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments) Regional Law Enforcement Academy in San Antonio, as well as others around the state.







Records Division


Evidence Division


Training Division