Parents - General Information

North East ISD brings a tradition of excellence for all students. After more than 60 years of service, we continue to achieve this excellence. Our instruction team strives to develop successful programs and opportunities so students receive a high quality education. NEISD Graduates

Led by Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools, district administration works diligently to lead the district in continued success in Students Expermentingschool accountability, student performance, student-focused technology, employee excellence and fiscal management.

Through the website, parents and guardians have access to District calendars, campus listings, the Parent-Student Handbook, testing dates, and teacher Web pages. For general student and registration information, parents are encouraged to visit the Student-Parent 411 page. Parents can also log into the Parent Portal to review student grades and assignments, as well as cafeteria and library accounts. Parents will also find detailed information on class rankings, community resources and college planning through Guidance Services.

Keeping students healthy is at the forefront of the District's goals. Health Services at NEISD takes an active role in improving the wellness of all students. School nurses keep children safe through clinic Food Servicevisits and also help educate students on healthy choices through school health initiatives. School Nutrition Services works serves balanced meals and educates students on smart food choices.

NEISD's Special Education Department is committed to educating students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. The District provides identification programs, which include Special Olympicsreferral/screening and/or individual assessments to determine educational, psychological, vocational, speech, visual, audiological and physical needs. In addition, the program determines the presence or absence of a disability or significant educational need and the identification of specific learning competencies.

Student at LockerAll parents are encouraged to be a partner in children's education. Through this partnership, parents are welcome to volunteer at schools. Volunteers help students by providing a positive adult role model, fostering relationships to help them become better learners, reinforcing positive attitudes and building self-esteem. All community members are also welcome to join the North East Volunteer Program.

The District also offers a School-Age Parenting program to assist students through education and support. The purpose of the program is to reduce the number of students who drop out of school due to pregnancy and/or Riding the School Busparenthood. The program also works to recover young parents to the education system.

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Project is committed to ensuring that all NEISD children and youth in homeless situations have the opportunity to attend, enroll in, and succeed in school.