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    • school-age parenting program

      ***Please contact your counselor or school nurse***


ELIGIBILITy and enrollment


  • North East ISD resident AND Enrolled in North East ISD School
  • Pregnant OR Parenting (Male or Female)
  • Enrolled in Parenting For School-Age Parents Course OR Sequential Parenting Courses
  • Enrolled in a Career/Technology Course
  • Complies with Texas School Student Attendance Policies
  • Satisfactory progress in Courses to Obtain Credits Required for Graduation 


1) Counselors AND/OR Nurses on Campus refer pregnant OR parenting students (male or female) to the School-Age Parenting Program. Parent Permission for School-Age Parenting Program to contact the student is obtained by Counselor OR Nurse on Campus.

2) School-Age Parenting Program Staff will enroll student into the program. Student intake, parent permission form and pregnancy verification from a physician is obtained by the School-Age Parenting Program.

3) Campus Counselor assesses student's academic plan AND places student into Parenting For School-Aged Parents Course on Campus.

4) Physician requests prenatal AND/OR postnatal instruction (Pregnancy Related Services, PRS Instruction).

5) School-Age Parenting Program Staff monitors student's grades, attendance, and health care needs, and will assist with services or referrals to agencies for needed support.


PHONE (210) 407-0750
FAX (210) 653-1160

"Success means having courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be."-George Sheehan

revised 8/15/2016