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Battle of the Books

In grades 2, 3, and 4 we offer children a chance to show their reading smarts!  We have a friendly competition where the children read a specified list of books and then take a test to qualify to be on a team.  The teams battle it out in a game like atmosphere that is tons of fun.  Each grade level has a different set of books they need to read and take AR tests on.  Second grade students read Fairy Tales and do not take AR tests for the Battle.  This program is optional for students.  Click below for a list of the books for each grade level. 2nd Grade Battle will take place in March and 3rd and 4th grade Battles take place in May. The winning 4th grade team will represent our school at the NEISD District Battle of the Books. 
Encourage your kids to read and be on a Battle team!

Second Grade Fairy Tale Battle List
Third Grade Battle List
Fourth Grade Battle List

Bluebonnet Book Club

3rd-5th graders are encouraged to read 20 nominated books for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  Students who read and pass 5 AR tests on the Bluebonnet books will be invited to a Bluebonnet Party in January to vote for their favorite.
Texas Library Association Bluebonnet Current Nominees

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