"100 years from now...it will not matter what my bank account was, the type of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a CHILD." -- Anonymous

FAQ -- National Junior Honor Society

What does it mean to have been chosen to be in NJHS?

This means that you have an outstanding GPA of at least a 90 during all your time in middle school. Also, you have exemplified amazing character because your teachers have nominated you to be a member of this national organization.

Who is in NJHS?

Only the “cream of the crop” students at Nimitz are allowed in NJHS. The faculty and staff at Nimitz recognize NJHS students as the best Nimitz has offer. To be chosen is an extreme honor and privilege. Our organization is comprised of only 7th and 8th graders from Nimitz, as well as STEM.

What is required of you in NJHS?

NJHS students are required to keep their GPA at a 90 at all times. Advisors will check on NJHS members’ GPA throughout the year. Also, NJHS members are required to complete service hours. We do several service projects throughout the year, so as long as you participate; your hours will be completed. NJHS members are also required to attend meetings throughout the year. If at any time you are not able to come to a meeting after school, you are excused as long as you have checked in with your advisor to get all the necessary information.

What do we do during the school year?

Over the years NJHS has participated in many different service projects. The following are just an example of what we have done lately: Graffiti Wipeout, Food Drive, Heavenly Hats Parade, TAKS Night Babysitting, and Veteran’s Day Memorial Set-up. Teachers know they can count on NJHS students to be great representatives of the school. So, NJHS members are often asked to help out in school-wide events, such as Reading Family Fun Night, History Fair, Career Day, Red Ribbon Week Activities, and the Community Breakfast. To raise money for our organization, we sell concessions at dances and games throughout the year. Any money we make goes to field trips and possibly end-of-the-semester parties. The advisors of NJHS don’t forget to recognize the hard-work of NJHS members with rewards and trips.

Why should you join?

You have obviously proved yourself to be a great student and admirable young adult. This organization recognizes young people just like you by making them a part of this national organization of young leaders. We commend you for being invited into this noble association and we hope you will consider joining the ranks of NJHS.

If you have any further questions you can ask one of the current NJHS members (They are the ones in the “Just Honor It!” shirts). You can also ask the advisors: Ms. Mcallister or Ms. Carraway.

Image courtesey National Junior Honor Society. Available at: http://www.nhs.us/NJHS.aspx.