Our artists gain an understanding of aesthetics, a knowledge of art history, and practical experience in numerous artistic genres. Students study two- and three-dimensional formats and apply theoretical and practical problem solving skills. Coursework covers the elements of design, color, media, traditional and contemporary painting techniques, still-life and figure drawing, techniques of clay work, firing techniques for ceramics, and introduction to 35mm black and white photography.
  • Investigation of painting techniques, media, and attitude to master the application of traditional painting techniques while applying elements of art, design, and color.
  • Still-life and figure painting, building a stronger basic understanding of art aesthetics while developing a greater foundation for future study in art history.
  • 2-D and 3-D formats with a special focus on the application of problem-solving skills through the use of variety of media.
  • Techniques used in clay work including: coil, slab building, casting and sculpting, as well as a variety of firing techniques for ceramics.
  • Introduction to technical and mechanical aspects of 35mm black/white film, learning to develop, process, print and produce quality photographs to create works of art through photography.
  • Workshops with professional artists.
  • Participation in National Portfolio Day Review and other competitions.
  • Display of art in NEISD and the greater San Antonio community.
  • Advanced students will develop a basic understanding of the human figure through an intensive visual study of the human form, emphasizing human muscle and skeletal structure.

Each student will develop a journal of ideas, plans, and drawings that will help them create stronger works of art. Students will work to develop a strong professional portfolio for competition, college admission, and professional employment.