Students will explore the basic elements of technical theatre. Units of study will include: theatrical safety, technical terminology, theater history, forms of modern theater, use of hand tools and power tools, basic set construction techniques, and theatrical production. Students will be expected to complete numerous projects in the subject areas.


In this course students will be introduced to the techniques and procedures of set construction. Students will learn the application and use of tools and equipment common to the scene shop and stage. Safe working procedures in theatrical construction will be emphasized.   
STAGECRAFT I - Grades 10 & 11
A double credit class. This course is provides students a more in depth study of technical theatre: set construction, scenic painting, production skills, introduction to theater management, and show assignments.

STAGECRAFT II - Grades 11 & 12

A double credit class; advanced study of technical theater and production skills.  Studies can include advanced construction of stage scenery, scene painting, properties, reading stage blueprints, and stock maintenance; the use of stage lighting with an emphasis on electrical safety, hanging and focusing, programming and running a light board, and instrument cleaning and maintenance; in the use of stage sound with an emphasis on electrical safety, running cable, proper microphone and speaker usage, adjusting and running a sound board, and instrument cleaning and maintenance: in management with an emphasis on running rehearsals, maintaining the rehearsal space, inter-crew communication, prompt book development and maintenance, and managing a cast.


A double credit class with emphasis on a continuation of advanced technical theater and production skills, introduction to design, properties management, stage management, and costuming for a production.  Individual projects for student based upon production schedule; includes design opportunities, advanced lighting and sound console operations, and stage management of productions. Students will explore and apply advanced stage lighting and sound, advanced scenic design, and practical applications of technical theatre.
THEATER PRODUCTION IV- Grades 11 & 12 - Elective
This course introduces students to the role and responsibilities of the Stage Manager. Students will have an opportunity to develop a production/prompt script for a play.  This class also allows the student to develop their skills through independent projects in scenery, lighting and sound.
SCENIC DESIGN II - Grades 11 & 12 - Elective
Students focus on the development of advanced scene design techniques and their application in theater.  Class includes script analysis, learning basic drafting skills, drafting the floor plan of a production, creation of elevations and work drawings, and painter's elevations.  
ADVANCED LIGHTING - Grades 11 & 12 - Elective
Students will become familiar with theatrical dimming, circuit and control systems. Industry standard practices for stage lighting will be taught; including hanging, focusing, and maintenance of lighting equipment, console operations and lighting design. Students will also learn to draft a light plot by hand and a CAD light plot. Both will be for a portfolio presentation. Students must be physically able and not afraid of heights