15 NESA Students Win $44,500 in Las Casas Performance Scholarships

Sunday evening, May 16th, the Las Casas Foundation held its second annual Finalist Performance for its "High School Scholarship for Excellence in the Performing Arts Program" program. The performance was held at the Charlene McCombs Empire Theater. Twenty-four high school seniors from across Bexar County competed for $65,000 in Scholarship funds. Fifteen of the twenty-four finalists were NESA musical theater and Dance majors. We're proud to announce that our seniors received $44,500 in scholarships. The awards to the NESA seniors are as follows:

First Place: Sarai Rodriguez ($5,000)
2nd Place: Emily Prentice ($3,000)
3rd Place:
Ernest Campos ($2,000)
5th Place: Italie Chavez ($1,000)

Runner-Up: Zach Williams ($500)

First Place: Hayley Galindo ($5,000)
2nd Place: Sydney Vila ($3,000)
3rd Place: Lindsey Ashburn ($2,000)
5th Place: Lindsey Wilson ($1,000)
Runner-Up: Tiffany Torres ($500)

2nd Place: Sarai Rodriguez ($3,000)
3rd Place: James Scully ($2,000)
4th Place: Eve Del Prado ($1,500)

First Place: Grace Phipps & Austin Nimnicht ($5,000 each)
3rd Place: Emily Prentice & Ernest Campos ($2,000 each)
Runners-Up: Eve Del Prado & Daniel Kittrell ($500 each)

Congratulations to you all! We're proud of you!!

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