VOCAL PEDAGOGY I - Freshman Voice/Acting 1
First-year students alternate between voice and acting on a three-week rotation throughout the year.  In every three-week unit of voice, you will learn and perform a new song.  We will work on vocal fundamentals with an emphasis on posture, breathing and vocal placement.  Students will also learn beginning music theory to include solfege and key signatures, and how to utilize these skills for sight-reading.  We learn the physical, mental and emotional characteristics of vocal technique as well as in introduction to key signatures, rhythmic identification, note names and lyric analysis.
VOCAL PEDAGOGY II - Sophomore Voice/Beginning Character Dance

Second-year students will receive vocal instruction on a semi-private level.  You will learn in small groups of similar voice type on a weekly basis.  Every nine weeks will include a class performance.  Grades are assigned on preparation, technique and expression.  In addition to singing, students will continue to build their sight-reading skills as well as an understanding of tempo/dynamic markings, text analysis, rhythm proficiency and musical theater history, for which we will read from several textbooks including, The Musical, by Robert Kislan in class.

Third-year students receive ensemble and individual coaching in voice.  Vocal anatomy and physiology is studied as well as vocal health and how to keep a voice healthy for performing and life.  Students will study auditioning techniques and the use of subtext monologues for acting a song.  Juniors study and interpret the book, Auditioning for the Musical Theatre by Fred Silver throughout the year.  Every nine weeks students will have the opportunity to showcase their work in classroom recitals.  Music theory instruction is ongoing, learning compound rhythms and intermediate sight-reading.
Fourth-year students receive ensemble and individual coaching in voice with a greater emphasis on repertoire selection for outside auditions for college and future career choices.  Students have the opportunity to perform their collected repertoire in classroom recitals and other outside events.  There is advanced work on character analysis, song history and subtext monologue for each of their chosen songs.   Seniors interpret and study the book, On Singing On Stage, by David Craig and practice his techniques for performance and auditions.  The class also includes resume work and the study of the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  The year’s work is presented in the Senior Audition Showcase in January and the Senior Recital in May.