ACTING ONE - Freshmen Acting/Vocal Ped I
First-year students alternate between acting and voice on a three-week rotation throughout the year. You will train in the fundamentals of the technique of acting, with focus on ensemble work, relaxation, imagination, beginning voice/movement work, improvisation, connection, trust, monologue preparation and stage make-up. You will view and research important actors of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, observing the changing acting styles of the time. You will learn how to read plays, and build a specialized vocabulary necessary for the discussion of dramatic analysis, critique and performance work.
ACTING TWO - Sophomores
You will train in Stanislavski-based realism, with specific focus on ensemble, scene work, subtext, script analysis, monologue preparation, play reading, emotional life, voice/movement work and subtext. You will also study the history of actor training, and continue to develop performance analysis and stage make-up skills.
You will train in Shakespeare/Verse, with specific focus on scansion, characterization, breath, style, monologue and scene work. You will study and analyze the great classical performers through film and audio recordings. You will also study Shakespeare’s life and the Elizabethan world.
You will do advanced work on ensemble, scene work, scene breakdown, mask work, character analysis, play reading, theatre history, subtext, emotional life and voice/movement. Your performance work will focus on modern plays, as well as on-camera film acting.
AUDITIONING - Senior MT Elective
Seniors who plan to audition for college B.F.A. training programs can take this course for intensive work on the specialized skill of auditioning. You will prepare six monologues from three different eras: contemporary, modern and classical plays.
ACTING FOR FILM & TV- NESA Elective open to all majors
You learn and practice the technique of acting for the camera. Semester one focuses on the study and creation of silent films, while semester two moves to the use of spoken dialogue. You will observe the work of major film stars of the 20th century, and research the historical era that their work reflects. In addition to performance, you will also storyboard, film, edit and score class film projects.