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facility maintenance & operations - Quality Control Specialist

hhhh Mike Markley,
Quality Control Specialist

Phone: 356-9333


The Quality Control Specialist is responsible for providing factual and concise information to the Executive Director and Director of Facility Maintenance and Operations by inspecting completed work tasks on site, analyzing Automated Work Order System records, purchase order reports, and verifying time keeping records.  Additionally, he is responsible for assessing work quantity/work quality for both Construction Management and the Maintenance Department, and verifies the proper and accurate disposition of material, and accurite equipment warranties.

 Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Audits completed work orders by performing on-site inspections
  • Develops and reports material defects, design problems or faulty work procedure
  • Assists the Administrative Staff, individual supervisors and shop foremen in identifying the need for special tools, equipment and training
  • References and correlates purchase order records, posting reports and work order descriptions to evaluate current purchasing practices
  • Assists in the identification of unnecessary purchases of material that may already be in the warehouse inventory
  • Performs time on task evaluations using RS Means industry standards to identify trends in manpower utilization and timelines of work completion
  • Utilizes evaluations in streamlining work practices and assists in identifying those individuals who require additional guidance and/or training
  • Functions as the quality control case review consultant
  • Investigates insurance claims against school district property.  Consolidates  and submits supporting documentation to Risk Management for appropriate action.
  • Conducts diagnostic and troubleshooting of the Automated Work Order computer system to ensure it is operational for tracking technician's time on task.
  • Acts as the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for school district property that is damaged due to a natural disaster; and as the Maintenance Departments New Employee Coordinator.