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Facility Maintenance & operations



, Assistant Director,
Preventive Maintenance & Second Shift Operations
Phone: 356-9324



Jeff Sutton, Second Shift Supervisor
Preventive Maintenance
Phone: 356-9324

Nancy K. Flores-Controller/Scheduler
Phone: 356-9324





  The mission of the North East Independent School District's Second Shift Operations is to add value to the services provided by the Facility Maintenance and Operations Department by ensuring superior customer service, exceptional workmanship, innovative management techniques, and the seamless continuation of work.  The Second Shift Maintenance Department is greatly involved in making certain our students and faculty are provided with a healthy, virtually distraction free atmosphere.

  Our Maintenance Department Second Shift hours are from 12:30 PM to 11:00 PM, Monday through Thursday.  Working in this alternative time period allows us to perform preventive maintenance inspections along with servicing equipment and systems that cannot be done otherwise.  Operational test on fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, emergency service equipment, and electrical distribution equipment can be accomplished without any disruption to class or event schedules.  Service and inspection of heating and air conditioning equipment along with plumbing components such as water heaters, sump pumps, and back flow preventers can be routinely accomplished.  Air filtration systems are serviced exclusively during second shift on a regular preventive maintenance schedule to provide healthy air for our campuses and facilities.  Along with these abilities comes the added benefit of having technical support personnel on duty for a combined total of 17 hours a day.

  Second Shift Operations ensures the proper maintenance of District equipment by increasing unit reliability and reducing cost incurred due to unscheduled repairs.  Maintaining unit efficiency will in turn decrease our demands on utilities and their ever-changing rates.

  Our focus is on providing our customers, the students and faculty of NEISD, the educational environment they require.