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facility maintenance & operations - GROUNDS / LANDSCAPInG

sss   George Martinez, 
   Grounds/Landscaping Foreman
   Phone:  (210) 356-9329




    Sue Kelm,
    Phone: (210) 356-9329




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Landscape Management, Sports Turf Management, Pest Control, Heavy Equipment, Welding, and the Utility Crew (Grounds) are under the direction of the foreman. In addition,  the Utility Crews are responsible for the maintenance and care of an array of other systems as well. These systems include:


  • Campus perimeter fencing
  • Traffic signs
  • Maintenance of playground equipment
  • Trimming and removal of trees
  • Decorative landscaping
  • Material handling services
  • Irrigation

Pest Control is also under the responsibility of the Landscaping & Utility Crew office. The District  has a crew of two licensed Pesticide Applicators.

The Athletic Turf Manager has the responsibility to implement a sports turf management program for all District athletic fields which prescribes proper fertilization, watering and cutting schedules for the turfs. This program is designed to ensure the horticultural health, optimum durability and safety of the playing surfaces.

The trades are as follows:

  • Fence Crewmen
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Mower Repair Mechanics
  • Groundsman
  • Pesticide Applicators
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Welders

For additional information on the Landscape Management or Utility Crews please contact
Mr. Martinez or Mrs. Kelm.