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facility maintenance & operations - Energy Management



Paul Raabe, Energy Management Coordinator
Phone:  (210) 356-9339

The Energy Management Program includes the following elements:

  1. Utility Cost Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Manage utility budget of $15 million per year.
    • Review and approve monthly utility bills
    • Implement electronic billing and payment procedures.
    • Prepare utility cost and budget reports for District Administration.
  2. Campus Energy Awareness
  3. On-going Commissioning of Existing Campus Energy Systems
    • Continuous process of monitoring energy data by measuring and trending equipment settings, status and building conditions with periodic review of operational practices.
    • Identification and implementation of low-cost operational and maintenance improvements along with energy-saving opportunities.
    • Focused on optimizing operating efficiency and occupant comfort while reducing energy usage and costs.
  4. Water Conservation Practices
    • Implement SAWS low-flow plumbing fixture retrofit programs. Monitor compliance with water use restrictions year-round and during drought critical periods.
    • Develop the Athletic Fields Conservation Plan to maintain compliance with city ordinance rules for drought critical periods.
    • Implement the annual irrigation system Check-up inspections as required by city ordinance.
    • Implement central control and monitoring of automated irrigation system controllers in the field.
  5. Refuse and Recycling Collection Services
    • Coordinate and manage contracts for refuse and recycling collection services.
    • Implement and coordinate the Single Stream Recycling program.
    • Assist campuses with the Paper Retriever program for paper recycling.
    • Respond to calls from the campuses about missed or delayed service pick-ups.
    • Arrange requests for extra pick-ups for special events.
    • Survey the location and condition of all containers.