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facility maintenance & operations - Electronics department


Larry Scott, Electronics
Phone:  (210) 356-9329






Sue Kelm, Controller
Phone: (210) 356-9329






The Electronics Branch is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of all District owned building security and audio/visual infrastructure systems. These "Electronic" systems include:

  • Security Alarms 
  • Clocks & bells 
  • Intercoms and all-call systems 
  • Scoreboards and visual displays 
  • Video monitoring 
  • Public address systems 
  • Cable TV/satellite
  • Locks and Prox Tag Issuance Prox tag form and directions

The branch is comprised of superbly skilled technicians who are customer service oriented and provide an array of quality services in the security and technical building systems shops.

For additional information on the Electronics Branch please contact Mr. Scott or Ms. Kelm.