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 Kathy Rapach, Office Coordinator

 Phone:  (210) 356-9301





Ms. Rapach is the centralized focal point for all planned and on-going work within the Maintenance Department. Ms. Rapach has an overall knowledge of NEISD and the many facilities serviced by Facilities Maintenance and Facility Support.  As the Maintenance Coordinator and CustomerAdvocate, she plays two very important roles that are at the hub of all maintenance activities.  First and foremost, she is the Customer Service Liaison and the advocate for all Maintenance customers. When customers start to experience frustrations or have concerns, they are encouraged to call Kathy who is there to help.  Kathy has the authority and desire to see that your needs and/or concerns are acted on to your satisfaction in a timely manner. When higher management intervention is needed, Ms. Rapach has direct access to the Executive Director of Facility Maintenance and Support as needed to resolve the issue to everyone's satisfaction.

  • Responsibilities also include the following activities:
  • Oversees the flow of work through Operations Maintenance
  • Coordinates and schedules complex multi-shop projects efficiently to meet customer timelines
  • Collects material and labor costs
  • Prepares reports used as management tools.
  •  Manages the implementation of the Automated Work Order System -- Automated Work Order System-Customers having access to the automated Work Order System can acquire support by directly inputting their needs electronically.  The Work Order System will automatically prioritize the customer's request to ensure that out resources are dispatched where the need an dimpact on the students is the greatest.  For those customers who are a little shy about the use of the computer, help is just a phone call away.  The work Control and Customer Service Center is available to provide over the phone assistance to customers needing help.