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Last Name  First Name Title  Email Website
Aceves-Torres Debra Principal daceve5@neisd.net Web Page
Acosta Ruthie Teacher Math racost2@neisd.net Web Page
Aki Russell Teacher Social Studies/Athletics raki@neisd.net Web Page
Allen John Teacher Social Studies jallen@neisd.net Web Page
Alsbury Cynthia Nurse calsbu@neisd.net Web Page
Altizer Kimberly Teacher Family & Consumer Science kaltiz@neisd.net Web Page
Anderson Michael Co-Teacher Special Education mander1@neisd.net Web Page
Anderson Julia Teacher English jander1@neisd.net Web Page
Anderson Edna Teacher Special Education eander2@neisd.net Web Page
Anderson Joshua Teacher AgriScience jander2@neisd.net Web Page
Anthony Mary Co-Teacher Special Education mantho1@neisd.net Web Page
Autry Michelle Teacher English I mautry@neisd.net Web Page
Avalos Sandra Counselor's Clerk savalo1@neisd.net Web Page
Avila Gilberto Teacher Social Studies gavila1@neisd.net Web Page
Bailey Barbara Counselor (Bi-De) bbaile@neisd.net Web Page
Barnes Eva Counselor (Perb-Sh) ebarne@neisd.net Web Page
Barron Felipe Teacher ISS/Athletics fbarro@neisd.net Web Page
Barrow Mary Teacher Dance mbarro@neisd.net Web Page
Bartley Elizabeth Teacher English ebartl@neisd.net Web Page
Bednarski Amy Teacher Spanish abedna1@neisd.net Web Page
Bednarz Kassandra Teacher English kbedna@neisd.net Web Page
Bland Jacquelyn Special Education Assistant jbland@neisd.net Web Page
Boe Seana Teacher American Sign Language (ASL) sboe@neisd.net Web Page
Bollier Caitlin Teacher PE/Athletics cbolli@neisd.net Web Page
Bosque Eva Teacher Math ebosqu@neisd.net Web Page
Boyce Ana Special Ed Assistant aboyce@neisd.net Web Page
Boyd Brandi Teacher English/Cheer bboyd1@neisd.net Web Page
Brooks Thomas Assistant Principal (Sg - Z) tbrook@neisd.net Web Page
Brown Albert Teacher Economics abrown1@neisd.net Web Page
Brown Andrea Teacher Science abrown14@neisd.net Web Page
Buckelew-Martin Elizabeth Teacher English ebucke@neisd.net Web Page
Bustos Don Director Orchestra dbusto@neisd.net Web Page
Butler Kathleen Library Assistant kbutle1@neisd.net Web Page
Buzbee Courtney Teacher Math cbuzbe@neisd.net Web Page
Cadena John Teacher Japanese jcaden1@neisd.net Web Page
Callon Avery Teacher English acallo@neisd.net Web Page
Carnes Thomas Teacher Career & Tech tcarne@neisd.net Web Page
Cayce Jeremiah Teacher English jcayce@neisd.net Web Page
Cayce Denise Teacher English dcayce@neisd.net Web Page
Clark Micki Teacher Science mclark4@neisd.net Web Page
Coffee Cheryl Teacher French ccoffe@neisd.net Web Page
Cole Dawn Teacher Journalism dcole@neisd.net Web Page
Coleman Edward Teacher Career & Tech ecolem@neisd.net Web Page
Compton Maurice Teacher Speech/Athletics mcompt@neisd.net Web Page
Cooksey Edie Director Choir ecooks@neisd.net Web Page
Cox Valerie Teacher Career & Tech vcox@neisd.net Web Page
Cox Sean Special Education Assistant scox1@neisd.net Web Page
Cross Kayla Teacher Science/Athletics kcross@neisd.net Web Page
Cummings Robert Teacher Science rcummi@neisd.net Web Page
Cummings Kelley Teacher Math kcummi@neisd.net Web Page
Cunningham Peter Assistant Director Choir pcunni@neisd.net Web Page
Dam Courtney Co Teacher Special Education cdam@neisd.net Web Page
Davenport Connor Teacher Social Studies/Athletics cdaven@neisd.net Web Page
Davila Nydia Special Ed Assistant ndavil@neisd.net Web Page
Davis Leanna Teacher Science ldavis@neisd.net Web Page
Daxon Joseph Teacher Adapted PE jdaxon1@neisd.net Web Page
DeBreaux Crystal Teacher French cdebre@neisd.net Web Page
Detamore Trista Teacher Special Education tdetam@neisd.net Web Page
DeVargas-Valencia Liza Special Education Assistant ldevar@neisd.net Web Page
Dewinne Kristy Librarian kdewin1@neisd.net Web Page
Dippel Jason Teacher PE/Athletics jdippe@neisd.net Web Page
Doss Karen Teacher Math kdoss@neisd.net Web Page
Doster Amanda Admin Assistant to Asst Principal adoste@neisd.net Web Page
Downen Janeen Teacher Science/Athletics jdowne@neisd.net Web Page
Drury Delbert Farm Manager - Agriscience Magnet ddrury1@neisd.net Web Page
Ducote Anne Teacher English aducot@neisd.net Web Page
Duelm Jennifer Teacher Social Studies jduelm1@neisd.net Web Page
Dungan Joseph Teacher Science jdunga@neisd.net Web Page
Edgar William Teacher Career & Tech wedgar@neisd.net Web Page
Elder James Co-Teacher Special Education jelder@neisd.net Web Page
Elias Maria Assistant Head Custodian melias@neisd.net Web Page
Erb Penny Special Education Assistant perb@neisd.net Web Page
Erlemann Kristin Teacher Special Education kerlem@neisd.net Web Page
Escamilla Noah Teacher Social Studies nescam@neisd.net Web Page
Ferguson Josephine Teacher Social Studies j-fergu@neisd.net Web Page
Flynn Philip Director Band pflynn@neisd.net Web Page
Flynn Shelly Teacher Dance sflynn1@neisd.net Web Page
Fox Diana Co-Teacher Special Education dfox@neisd.net Web Page
Fox Susan Teacher Math sfox@neisd.net Web Page
Franklin Angela Licensed Vocational Nurse afrank@neisd.net Web Page
Freeman John "Mike" Teacher Science/Athletics jfreem@neisd.net Web Page
Freeman Christopher Teacher Social Studies cfreem5@neisd.net Web Page
Freeman Claudia Teacher Art cfreem@neisd.net Web Page
Friesenhahn Laurie Teacher PE/Athletics lfries1@neisd.net Web Page
Fuller Jeanette Admin Assistant to Ag Director jfulle2@neisd.net Web Page
Gamez Eva Bilingual/ESL Assistant egamez1@neisd.net Web Page
Garcia Sonia Counselor (Mal-Pera) sgarci8@neisd.net Web Page
Garrison-Thorp Maud Teacher English mgarri@neisd.net Web Page
Gatlin Rebecca Assistant Principal (Lim-Par) rgatli@neisd.net Web Page
Gawlik Linda Cafeteria Manager lgawli@neisd.net Web Page
Gayle Becky Admin Assistant to Asst Principal bgayle@neisd.net Web Page
Gesell Mary Admin Assistant to Asst Principal mgesel@neisd.net Web Page
Ghaffari Rahim Teacher Career & Tech rghaff@neisd.net Web Page
Gibson Frederick ISS Monitor fgibso@neisd.net Web Page
Gomez Michele Data Processor mgomez@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzalez Christopher Teacher Special Education cgonza3@neisd.net Web Page
Green John Teacher Social Studies jgreen1@neisd.net Web Page
Greene Daniel Teacher Social Studies d-green@neisd.net Web Page
Griffing Robert Teacher ACHIEVE/Athletics rgriff@neisd.net Web Page
Griffith Rita Teacher AVID rvilla2@neisd.net Web Page
Gutierrez Cristina Teacher Science c-gutie@neisd.net Web Page
Gutierrez Alfredo Special Education Assistant agutie8@neisd.net Web Page
Gutierrez Josefina Bilingual/ESL Assistant jgutie3@neisd.net Web Page
Hall Stephanie Teacher English shall3@neisd.net Web Page
Harris Mark Teacher Social Studies mharri1@neisd.net Web Page
Harrison Amanda Teacher Math aharri25@neisd.net Web Page
Hastings Tracy Teacher Math/Athletics thasti@neisd.net Web Page
Held Renee Teacher Math rheld@neisd.net Web Page
Helgeson Chad Teacher Science chelge@neisd.net Web Page
Henning Joseph Dean Math jhenni@neisd.net Web Page
Henze Kelly Teacher Math khenze@neisd.net Web Page
Herrera Jason Assistant Principal (Gog-Lil) jherre3@neisd.net Web Page
Hill Belinda Teacher Career & Tech bhill@neisd.net Web Page
Hitzfelder Glenn Teacher Science ghitzf@neisd.net Web Page
Hunsaker Beverly Copy Clerk bhunsa@neisd.net Web Page
Inman Terri Teacher Special Education tinman@neisd.net Web Page
Jaquez-Solis Lillian Teacher Spanish ljaque@neisd.net Web Page
Jaramillo Stacy Teacher Special Education sjaram@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Melanie Teacher Science mjohns2@neisd.net Web Page
Johnston Terrell Teacher Career & Tech/Athletics tjohns6@neisd.net Web Page
Joiner Felecia Assistant Principal (Cog-Gof) fjoine@neisd.net Web Page
Jones Nicholas Teacher Social Studies/Athletics njones@neisd.net Web Page
Juarez Tanya Admin Assistant to Curriculum AP t-juare@neisd.net Web Page
Jula Michelle Teacher English mjula@neisd.net Web Page
Kampe Celeste Counselor (Df-Hal) ckampe@neisd.net Web Page
Killough Vicki Counselor's Clerk vkillo@neisd.net Web Page
Kindred Jerry Teacher Social Studies jkindr@neisd.net Web Page
Koehl Mark Assistant Director Band mkoehl1@neisd.net Web Page
Lambert David Senior Army Instructor (JROTC) dlambe@neisd.net Web Page
Landess Leslie Teacher English llande1@neisd.net Web Page
Langbein Kari Teacher Ag Science klangb@neisd.net Web Page
Lara Maria Teacher Science mlara1@neisd.net Web Page
Ledbetter Wendi Teacher Career & Tech wledbe@neisd.net Web Page
Lejeune Courtney Teacher Theatre clejeu@neisd.net Web Page
Lenoir Lara Teacher Math llenoi@neisd.net Web Page
Lewis Saumnya Special Ed Campus Coordinator slewis4@neisd.net Web Page
Liles Lindsey Teacher English lliles1@neisd.net Web Page
Looper Robert Teacher Social Studies rloope@neisd.net Web Page
Lopez Emilio Teacher Math elopez5@neisd.net Web Page
Lorillard Pamela Teacher Math ploril@neisd.net Web Page
Lyou Gwo-Liang Teacher Special Education glyou@neisd.net Web Page
Mallette Daniel Teacher English dmalle@neisd.net Web Page
Mann Lourdes Dean Science lmann@neisd.net Web Page
Markmann Ryan Co-Teacher Special Education rmarkm@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Christopher Special Education Assistant cmarti@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Lydia Teacher Math lmarti55@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Cristobal Teacher Spanish/Athletics cmarti16@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Linda Teacher Achieve lmarti4@neisd.net Web Page
Masters Julie Teacher Social Studies/Student Council jmaste1@neisd.net Web Page
Mayfield Matthew Teacher Math/Athletics mmayfi1@neisd.net Web Page
McCarthy Felecia Co Teacher Special Education fmccar@neisd.net Web Page
McDaniel Kelly Teacher Social Studies/Athletics kmcdan1@neisd.net Web Page
McDonald Lyn LSSP lmcdon@neisd.net Web Page
McDonald Lauren Teacher English lmcdon1@neisd.net Web Page
McMullan Janell Teacher Ag Science jmcmul1@neisd.net Web Page
Menchaca Michelle Teacher Science mmench@neisd.net Web Page
Mendez Deborah Special Ed. Campus Coordinator dmende@neisd.net Web Page
Mendoza Maria Teacher ESL mmendo@neisd.net Web Page
Merryfield Brittany Special Education Assistant bmerry@neisd.net Web Page
Mifflin Christopher Teacher Debate/Speech cmiffl1@neisd.net Web Page
Miller Paul Teacher Social Studies/Athletics pmille1@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Tina Special Ed Assistant tmoral@neisd.net Web Page
Moran Kellie Co-Teacher Special Education kmoran1@neisd.net Web Page
Morrison Rebecca Teacher English rmorri2@neisd.net Web Page
Moser Kristina Dean Social Studies kmoser@neisd.net Web Page
Mularchuk Peter Teacher Social Studies pmular@neisd.net Web Page
Muth Barry Teacher Special Education bmuth@neisd.net Web Page
Nelson Kenneth Teacher Social Studies/Athletics knelso@neisd.net Web Page
Nunez Kathryn Bookkeeper knunez2@neisd.net Web Page
Oconnor Patty Teacher Science poconn2@neisd.net Web Page
Ortega Paul Teacher PE/Athletics porteg@neisd.net Web Page
Pack Brynda Admin Assistant to Principal bpack@neisd.net Web Page
Palla Julianne Co-Teacher Special Education jpalla@neisd.net Web Page
Parker Debora Teacher Science dparke@neisd.net Web Page
Payne Brittany Teacher English bpayne@neisd.net Web Page
Perez Elizabeth Teacher Special Education eperez2@neisd.net Web Page
Perrella Richard Teacher Math rperre@neisd.net Web Page
Philson Darrell Army Instructor (JROTC) dphils@neisd.net Web Page
Pierce Stephen Teacher Spanish spierc@neisd.net Web Page
Pouncy Melvin Teacher Ag Science mpounc@neisd.net Web Page
Powell Sheliah Special Ed Assistant spowel4@neisd.net Web Page
Powell Jacquelyn Teacher Social Studies jpowel@neisd.net Web Page
Price Tyler Teacher Ag Science tprice1@neisd.net Web Page
Ptasnik Misty Assistant Principal of Curriculum mptasn@neisd.net Web Page
Puckett Scott Co-Teacher Special Education spucke1@neisd.net Web Page
Ramirez Susana Teacher Science sramir5@neisd.net Web Page
Reyes Kenneth Special Education Assistant kreyes@neisd.net Web Page
Reynolds Michael Assistant Director Band mreyno@neisd.net Web Page
Rice Lynn Special Education Assistant lrice@neisd.net Web Page
Ridings Karla Counselor (Si-Z) kridin@neisd.net Web Page
Rimmer Jamie Co-Teacher Special Education jrimme@neisd.net Web Page
Ringo Todd Teacher Social Studies/Athletics tringo@neisd.net Web Page
RĂ­os de Lumbreras Kristina Teacher Spanish kriosd@neisd.net Web Page
Rivera Juan Teacher Social Studies jriver@neisd.net Web Page
Rode Jared Teacher Ag Science jrode@neisd.net Web Page
Rodgers Shannon Special Ed Assistant srodge@neisd.net Web Page
Rodriguez Sylvia Teacher Career & Preparation srodri7@neisd.net Web Page
Rodriguez Danielle Teacher Science drodri4@neisd.net Web Page
Rodriguez George Teacher Science grodri26@neisd.net Web Page
Rogers Lynn Teacher Career & Tech lroger@neisd.net Web Page
Romero Javier Head Custodian jromer@neisd.net Web Page
Romine Christopher Teacher Social Studies/Athletics cromin@neisd.net Web Page
Ruiz-Brown Ana Teacher Spanish aruizb@neisd.net Web Page
Saenz Jessica Teacher English jsaenz@neisd.net Web Page
Sandoval Jaime Teacher Math jsando22@neisd.net Web Page
Sandoval Sandra Attendance Clerk ssando2@neisd.net Web Page
Sargent Heather Dean English hsarge@neisd.net Web Page
Schmid David Teacher Math/NHS Sponsor dschmi@neisd.net Web Page
Schwarze Michael Teacher Career & Tech mschwa1@neisd.net Web Page
Scott Palma Assistant Principal (Pas-Sf) pscott@neisd.net Web Page
Scott Matthew Teacher Science mscott@neisd.net Web Page
Shaheen Kristen Teacher English kshahe@neisd.net Web Page
Shedd Ace Teacher Science ashedd@neisd.net Web Page
Shuler Tim Teacher Math/Athletics tshule@neisd.net Web Page
Slaght Sue Teacher Science sslagh@neisd.net Web Page
Smith Vanessa Teacher Health vsmith1@neisd.net Web Page
Smith Mark Head Coach/Athletic Coordinator msmith2@neisd.net Web Page
Smith Misty Teacher SPED Transition msmith5@neisd.net Web Page
Sorenson Barbara Teacher English bsoren@neisd.net Web Page
Sorenson Katherine Teacher Math ksoren1@neisd.net Web Page
Sosa Luis Teacher Spanish lsosa1@neisd.net Web Page
Soto Michael Teacher Career & Tech msoto2@neisd.net Web Page
Stelter Kim Counselor (A-Bh) kstelt@neisd.net Web Page
Stewart Doak Director - Agriscience Magnet dstewa1@neisd.net Web Page
Suarez Cynthia STAN Counselor csuare@neisd.net Web Page
Swinny Stephen Teacher Math sswinn@neisd.net Web Page
Tablada Susana Teacher Spanish stabla@neisd.net Web Page
Takas-Nash Patricia Teacher English/PALS ptakas@neisd.net Web Page
Tang Ada Special Ed Office Clerk atang@neisd.net Web Page
Tench Mary Teacher SPED ALE mtench@neisd.net Web Page
Thompson Paul Teacher Science pthomp@neisd.net Web Page
Tiemeyer Diana Teacher Spanish dtieme@neisd.net Web Page
Tinker Clifton Teacher Art ctinke@neisd.net Web Page
Tolbert Billie Teacher Career & Tech btolbe@neisd.net Web Page
Torres Olympia Counselor (Ham-Mak) otorre2@neisd.net Web Page
Torres Arleen Teacher German atorre5@neisd.net Web Page
Urias Rena Teacher Art rurias@neisd.net Web Page
Valderama Mark Teacher Social Studies mvalde@neisd.net Web Page
Valerio Bartholomew Teacher PE/Athletics bvaler@neisd.net Web Page
Vandever Laura Teacher Social Studies lvande@neisd.net Web Page
Vazquez Cristina Special Education Assistant cvazqu2@neisd.net Web Page
Vela Emilia Special Ed Assistant evela@neisd.net Web Page
Villarreal Vanessa Teacher PE/Athletics vvilla21@neisd.net Web Page
Wall Fallon Co Teacher Special Education fwall@neisd.net Web Page
Wehe Chad Teacher PE/Athletics cwehe@neisd.net Web Page
Welsh Patricia Registrar pwelsh@neisd.net Web Page
Whitaker Walonda Teacher Science/PALS wwhita@neisd.net Web Page
Willeford Gregory Teacher Math gwille@neisd.net Web Page
Willeford Amy Teacher English awille1@neisd.net Web Page
Williams James Teacher English jwilli6@neisd.net Web Page
Williams Joseph Assistant Principal (A-Cof) jwilli2@neisd.net Web Page
Williams Tom Co-Teacher Special Education twilli@neisd.net Web Page
Williams-Gore Terri Special Ed Assistant twilli28@neisd.net Web Page
Witten Ramona Clinic Assistant rwitte@neisd.net Web Page
Wittman Melissa Teacher Art mwittm1@neisd.net Web Page
Wohl Katherine Teacher Ag Science kwohl@neisd.net Web Page
Wolfe Shannon Teacher PE/Athletics swolfe1@neisd.net Web Page
Xu Xueling Co-Teacher Special Education xxu@neisd.net Web Page
Ybarra Anna Attendance Clerk aybarr1@neisd.net Web Page
York Jason Trainer jyork5@neisd.net Web Page
Zarb-Cousin Melissa Teacher Theatre mzarbc@neisd.net Web Page