Mav Con Approaching! Have you bought your ticket yet?

April 19, 2010

Mav-Con 2.0 will be taking place this Thursday after school(April the 22nd) in the Madison Cafeteria! MJACC will be hosting it in association with Mr.Cayce this year, so look forward to a great time! We will be selling tickets in all 3 lunches: $5 for a general admission ticket, and $8 for a tournament ticket. The tournament games this year will be Super Smash Bros, Madden NFL, Mario Kart, Halo 3/ODST, Guitar Hero(Solo on expert), and Rock Band(team). If you are unable to get a ticket during lunch (for some unforseeable reason), Mrs.McDonald will also be selling them in M201 for the same price. There will be prizes for tournament wins, and special events going on you'll have to attend to discover. :P Food and drinks will be for sale, so don't fear that you'll starve ^^
And ladies??? Think of all the (likely available) guys you'll find if you go! If your parents are afraid that the games will corrupt you, never fear! You can easily gain their permission that the games are being played at school and must therefore be both approproate and (somehow) educational! :D

If you have any questions about the event feel free to contact me at, find me around school or locate me selling tickets during 3rd lunch. Another good person to talk to with questions is your VP Justin, whereever it is you can find him at :3

San-Japan Approaching! Are you a member yet?

Are you a club member yet? The year is winding down, soon I will be telling you all good-bye and biding this school farewell. Did you know that me (your President) and your other amazing officers have decided that we will be taking all our OFFICIAL (AKA PAID) members to San Japan FOR FREE. Is that not an amazing deal? $15 membership fee that will get you access to all MJACC events, a shirt illustrated by your very own Historian (and senior) Kazzi, and a free trip to San-Japan? If you agree with me then you guys had better act fast and bring that money to us or you'll be left high and dry. D:
I hope you guys like the website I've created for you..sorry I slacked so much about getting it up but I know you all procrastinate just as much as I do LOL.
I will be completing all additional wings of this site soon and will open them up for you, I am also of course still in update mode. If you have any suggestions or comments for the site or for a club meeting let me know :}
Paige Tears-Gladstone
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