Learning Center Guidelines

Students should visit the Learning Center (during the school day) when:

  • Completing work that requires significant 1:1 support or small group assistance for successful completion.
  • Needing to complete an assignment other students have already completed (but ONLY if a new lesson / curriculum is not being taught).
  • Needing to have a test read aloud (per modification page).
  • Needing to use the computer to complete an assignment, if there is not access in the library general ed classroom.
  • Grades are borderline or student is failing a class (but remember, a student may not be sent to the Learning Center during actual teaching time).
  • When Re‑Teach or Review is needed.

The Learning Center is NOT where students should be sent for first time teaching.

Students should Stay in the classroom when:

  • Instructions/directions are being given for an assignment.
  • Direct instruction, late work, audio‑visual presentation, lectures, class discussions, and small group work, etc. is being conducted.
  • The student has NOT EVEN attempted the assignment, including homework.
  • Students can read a test without assistance.
  • Students need adapted tests. If the test has already been adapted by the teacher, there is NO need to send the student to the Learning Center to take the test. The student may take the test in the classroom.
  • A co‑teacher is available in the classroom to provide the special ed services.
  • Students need a quiet place to take a test. Remember, the Learning Center is not always a quiet environment.
  • There is a substitute in the class.

**   Note regarding Special Education Students and Modifications:

Many accommodations can be successfully implemented in the general education classroom where the content expert is readily available to answer or clarify student questions. This also helps assure compliance with Least Restrictive Environment concepts delineated by the ARD.

Students will be sent Back to Class from the Learning Center When:

  • Student does not have a pass to enter the Learning Center (we must have documentation on EVERY student who visits the Learning Center).
  • The teacher requests for them to return to class, or they are finished with their assignment.
  • The student is sent to the Learning Center because they are exhibiting inappropriate behavior in the general education setting.
  • Students are missing direct instruction or critical curriculum content being delivered by the general education teacher.
  • Students come without assignment or materials. (We do have some textbooks available for student use).
  • There are already too many students in the Learning Center. Students identified through Special Education have priority over other students. (We rarely have this occur, but want you to be aware that on occasion it is a possibility).
  • They are sent to the Learning Center by a substitute. We did have instances in the past when students would ask the substitutes if they could go to the Learning Center and they never showed up.
  • If you have any questions over accommodations for Special Education students, please ask one of us in the Learning Center for assistance.

Monday - Thursday: 7:45 - 4:30
Friday: 8:00‑4:15
** unless otherwise noted **