The Learning Center

Guidelines for sending students to Learning Center

Special Education

Monday -Thursday 7:45-4:30
Friday: 8:00-4:15

Room C-26 & C-27
Phone: 637-4400 ext. 260

The Learning Center is here to help students be SUCCESSFUL

In order to best serve the students, priority will be based on need, not arrival time!

Students should not miss lectures, reviews, labs or discussions to attend the Learning Center.

Services Provided:

  • Help with assignments
  • Tutoring
  • Study Skills
  • Modifications
  • Make-Up Tests (during the school day or by appt. only)
  • Computer access (printing is $0.10 a page)

When entering The Learning Center Students:

  • Sign In
  • Find a seat and start on assignment(s)
  • Raise their hand when help is needed
  • Sign Out when finished

Students in Advanced Courses(i.e. Physics, Calculus, Pre-Cal, etc.)
NEED to seek help from their teacher!