Madison JROTC cadets have the opportunity to join any of these teams. They must be eligible to practice or compete in accordance with UIL regulations.

Color Guard

These guardians of the U.S. and Texas flags are definitely a part of the spirit of the Maverick Battalion. Both male and female teams consist of two flag bearers (one for each flag) and two guards, holding rifles. In addition to meets, this skilled team also performs at football games, National Honor Society inductions, and any other event that calls for the presentation of the colors.

Armed Drill Team

This is one of the most demanding teams, as far as precision is concerned. The members of the Maverick Guard team must toss their heavy rifles exactingly, or the maneuver will be disrupted. Their movements, like those of the Lady Maverick Guard, are very detailed, with rifles pounding against the ground rhythmically, et cetera.

Unarmed Drill Team

The Lady Maverick guard is the pride of the Maverick Battalion. Their fast-paced, highly detailed maneuvers always makes them a favorite at the meets.

Rifle Team

This team is very difficult to compete in for awards. You need a sharp eye, steady hold, the ability to concentrate, and exceptional aim. Cadets with sharpshooter and expert badges can request to be a part of this team.

Orienteering Team

This team has only four meets a year, two of which are for district competition. This team is further subdivided into the following teams: Novice male, Novice female, Advanced male, Advanced female, and individuals who participate in competition with any of the aforementioned teams.

PT Team

This is the JROTC Physical Fitness team. The events that they must attempt to excel in a mile run, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and the flexed arm hang. These activities require much practice by the team members, and much strength and concentration on the task at hand.

Academic Team

Consists of 12 cadets that compete in local and national events. One team is the "Leadership Team", and the other is the "Academic Team". The other JROTC academic team helps cadets learn how to work as team and prepares them for the SAT/ACT.