1. Q: What color socks are worn with the class A or B uniform?
  2.  A: Black Socks.

  3. Q: What type of shirt is worn under the Army green coat?
  4.  A: AG 415 long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt.

  5. Q: The black necktie/neck tab is optional when wearing what type of uniform?
  6.  A: Class B uniform with short sleeves.

  7. Q: What color t-shirt is worn with the class A or B uniform?
  8.  A: White.

  9. Q: What uniform is worn during ceremonies and social functions?
  10.  A: The Class A or B uniform.

  11. Q: What uniform is worn at summer camps and for participation on special teams?
  12.  A: BDUs.

  13. Q: What insignia do cadet officers wear on the garrison cap?
  14.  A: Grade or rank insignia.

  15. Q: What insignia do enlisted cadets wear on the garrison cap?
  16.  ROTC insignia.

  17. Q: What color t-shirt is worn with the BDU uniform?
  18.  A: Brown.

  19. Q: How is the grade (or ROTC) insignia worn on the garrison cap?
  20.  A: On the left side of the cap one inch from the crease and centered vertically between the top braid and the bottom of the cap.

  21. Q: How is the JROTC shoulder sleeve insignia worn on the class A uniform?
  22.  A: On the left sleeve, 1/2 inch below the shoulder seam.

  23. Q: Where is the Honot Unit insignia worn?
  24.  A: One-forth of an inch and centered above the top of the right pocket (for female cadets it is worn 1/4 inch above the nameplate).

  25. Q: How are ribbons positioned on the class A uniform?
  26.  A: Ribbons are centered on the left side 1/8 of an inch above the left pocket (centered above the horizontal line for female cadets).

  27. Q: Describe a rank?
  28.  A: Cadet describes a certain rank asked by the inspector.

  29. Q: How often must a uniform be worn by cadets?
  30.  A: At least once per week.

  31. Q: Can a male cadet wear an earring in uniform?
  32.  A: No.

  33. Q: What size earrings can female cadets wear?
  34.  A: Small spherical earrings not to exceed 1/4 inch in diameter.

  35. Q: How is the nameplate worn on your uniform?
  36.  A: Center the nameplate on the right pocket between the top of the pocket and the top of the button for males. (Females: 1 to 2 inches above the top button centered horizontally on the right side of the coat. In a comparable position on the shirt).

  37. Q: What regulation covers the wear of the uniform?
  38.  A: AR 670-1 and CCR 145-2.

  39. Q: How are shoulder board ranks worn?
  40.  A: Cadet officers place the pointed end toward the collar and the flat end toward the edge of the shoulder; for enlisted cadets, place the side with the pointed chevron toward the collar.

  41. Q: Are shoulder boards authorized for wear with the class B uniform?
  42.  A: Yes.

  43. Q: What does BDU stand for?
  44.  A: Battle Dress Uniform.