Cap and Diploma

We have an exciting change at Madison this year and it means more options to better serve our students!   The district recently approved initial credit, in addition to credit recovery.  Both initial credit and credit recovery are only for students who need to get back on track for graduation.  We want to help those students who are at risk for dropping out or who are thinking of leaving school.  ACHIEVE and CARE offer hope! 

ACHIEVE and CARE help students who are committed to their education.  Prospective students must complete and turn in an application, and schedule and successfully represent themselves in an interview.  Students need to take responsibility for why they are behind in their credits and commit to an individualized educational plan.  Students must also pass all of their classes and make good choices, thus staying out of the disciplinary process.

Upon acceptance to our programs, continued excellence is expected.  All ACHIEVE and CARE students must maintain passing grades in all classes, exhibit respectful behavior on the Madison campus, meet state attendance requirements, and continue to make good behavioral choices.  The ACHIEVE and CARE Coordinator meets weekly with each student and discusses grades, attendance, and discipline.  Our goal is for each of our students to enjoy success. 

ACHIEVE and CARE primarily work with students in the areas of English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  In some cases, Health and Business Information Management are also options.  All credits students earn through these programs are recommended and approved by the academic counselor.  The benefits of earning back credits include being promoted to the appropriate grade level, getting back on track for graduation, and graduating on time.

ACHIEVE works with students who have not yet taken a course, but only after all recoverable courses are completed, and only if it means the student can graduate on time.  Acceleration through ACHIEVE will be limited because nothing replaces the teacher and the varied learning techniques used in a classroom.  When a student completes an ACHIEVE course, a “P” for “Passed” will be placed on his or her transcript, and  these credits will not figure into the grade point average.

CARE is credit recovery.  Students who previously failed a course may apply to enter the program.  Once a CARE course is successfully completed, a 70 is entered on the transcript. 

Applications for ACHIEVE and CARE are available in each of the following locations:  the ACHIEVE and CARE Room, C 26, the Counseling Office, and the Curriculum AP Office.  Please stop by before or after school, or during your lunch to obtain an application.  Once the application is completely filled out, including signatures, please return to Mrs. Martinez in C 26.

The students in ACHIEVE receive support from their counselors, administrators, classroom teachers, and the ACHIEVE Team.

The 2013-14 ACHIEVE Team:

ACHIEVE / Curriculum AP Felecia Joiner

ACHIEVE Coordinator / Teacher Linda A. Martinez
ACHIEVE Teachers Robert Griffing

Important Information

ACHIEVE Location C16
ACHIEVE Phone Number 210-356-1439
ACHIEVE AP Phone Number:          210-356-1437
ACHIEVE Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:15 PM
Options for working in ACHIEVE:

Before or after school, a class period, or lunch

Please contact Mrs. Martinez with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to serving you.