Construction of the New MacArthur
construction slide show

Construction of the new MacArthur facility began in July, 1999. The Athletic and Dance facility opened in August, 2000. The A & B Wings opened in January, 2001. The C & D Wings open in August, 2002.

The photos in this slide show were selected from the many pictures provided by
faculty members Cary Hall (retired) and Newt Cole.

Mac Morph Magic! , January, 2000 (306k)
Watch the campus be transformed before your very eyes in a matter of seconds in this .avi movie prepared by a student of Mr. Cary Hall in the Tech Systems course, using both the aerial photo of May 5, 1999, and a photo of the artist's model of the new facility. (You may need some plug-ins to run this.)
artist's model of the New MacArthur
Note: Due to a change in plans, the new tennis courts will be built between
the baseball and the softball fields.

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