Old Campus Old Campus - West
Boys Gym
Old Boys Gym,
The foyer was the original school entrance.
Entering the foyer, on the left, was the dedication
plaque for North East High School, 1950.
Picnic Area Foreign Language & English Wings
The picnic area behind the cafeteria, framed by the
live oak planted by the Spanish Honor Society
Foreign Language (200) Wing, left
English (100) Wing, right, original buildings of
North East High School
Soccer Field Foreign Language & Science Wings
Soccer Field Foreign Language Wing, back
Science (700) Wing, right
Science Wing Dr. Pesthy's Lab
Science Wing Dr. Carolyn Pesthy's biology classroom and lab
Science garden Science garden
Science students grew fruits and vegetables
behind the 700 wing. We trust they will
find a new plot once the dust settles....
Peppers grown with tender loving care....

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