Old Campus Old Campus - East
Math Wing Entrance Live Oaks in front of Math Wing
Entrance to the Mathematics (300) Wing,
original entrance to North East Jr. High School
Live oaks in front of the Math Wing
NEJHS Plaque old shaded courtyard
Entering the Math Wing, on the left, was the
dedication plaque of North East Jr. High School
The most charming spot on the old campus was the
courtyard framed by the Math and Business wings, the
Girls' Gym and the Home Economics Wing
Spanish moss Journalism Room
Top - Journalism room, attached to the Home Ec (800)
Wing, home of Brahma Tales, the yearbook,
and where these web pages were first created.

Left - Spanish moss hung from the trees in the
oldest courtyard. Some of these trees still
stand in the Student parking lot.

Home Ec, Math, Administration
Top - Entrance to the Home Ec Wing (left), with
the Math Wing (rear) and the Administration
Building (right)

Right - The Chillers, which are still in place
and cooling the new facility.

The Chillers!

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