MacArthur Spirit Booster Club
Spirit Club Board
President-Spirit Mary Bowles
Vice-President-Spirit Sylvia Morales
Vice Presidents of Merchandise Nathan & Jessica Escobar

Vice President of Events/Aramark Jessica Escobar
Secretary Angel Silerio
Treasurer Alisa Shelly
Parlimentarian Elizabeth Mcbroom
Historian Pamela Arredondo
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Fundraising Information

One of our favorite fundraisers with the parents of the spirit organizations is working venues at the Alamodome and AT & T Center. The parents volunteer for MacArthur Spirit Booster Club and the money raised goes into a general fund. Ten percent of all money raised goes into the Spirit Club fund, five percent is divided among the three spirit organizations and the remaining eighty-five percent goes directly into your child's account. The monies raised are raised in the name of MacArthur High School Spirit Booster Club Inc., and therefore can only be used to pay for student expenses incurred within the spirit groups. This fundraiser really helps to offset some of the expenses incurred and it is a lot of fun too! 

In order to work these venues you must be TABC certified and a member of the MacArthur High School Spirit Booster Club. If you have any questions feel free to email Jessica Escobar at

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